• 06/08/2023

How a Stars Wedding Dress Could Amplify Your Day

A wedding dress with gold stars on it hangs on a hanger.

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You’ve likely been making decision after decision for your wedding day. When life seems a bit too stressful, remember why you started planning for such a special day. You want to honor you and your spouse. A stars wedding dress could help you hold your favorite values close. It also can add a bit of personalization to your big day. Here are some ways you can include them seamlessly in your attire.

The Symbolism of Stars

Stars symbolize so many things you may want to represent on your wedding day. A stars wedding dress could help you embody several values you want for you and your spouse in your new life together. Stars can symbolize several things, all of them positive, and can find a welcome spot on your wedding day.

Stars can evoke a feeling of the divine, which can be perfect for any pair who places value on their spiritual lives, whether shared or different. Most people know stars to indicate hopes and dreams. The popular saying, “Shoot for the stars!” might come to your mind when you think of them. Sharing the same dreams and goals as your spouse can help you understand them more and might help you become a better partner. They could be a constant reminder that you’re not alone and can achieve your goals together with your new spouse. 

Shooting stars might also make you think of good luck. Just as you might feel lucky seeing one streaking across the sky, you could feel lucky as you walk down the aisle to get married to your true love. Similarly, if you are interested in astrology, you could consider your wedding a major event within the study of stars. You can even offer guests star-based favors to create a “constellation” of your love.

How to Include Stars in Your Wedding Attire

You don’t need a stars wedding dress to incorporate stars into your special day — though it would make sense if you wanted to go all-out with the theme! Here are some subtle and not-so-subtle ways to ensure you’re putting all the stars you can into your big day.

1. Crown

Whether you choose a crown to hold your hair in place or one that sits on top of your head and glimmers brightly, picking a crown made of stars can signify how bright and shining you are. Choose a crown with one star, or pick one that makes you look like an ethereal deity. It’s your day with your partner — don’t fear being the center of attention!

2. Veil

If a crown seems too loud for your tastes, you can get a veil with stars embroidered on it. Veils are an optional part of weddings today, but in the past, veils were worn because of a belief that they protected women from evil spirits that wanted to steal her happiness, as well as believing that a bride is modest if she wears a veil. If you choose to add a veil to your attire, having one adorned with stars might signify that you look forward to a hopeful future.

3. Wedding Dress

A stars wedding dress could be a beautiful option for anyone who wants to stand out. You’ll likely want your dress to be the spotlight of your entire ensemble, as it’s meant to complement your beauty. Wedding dress alterations can be as expensive as $1,000, meaning that you definitely want a dress that fits you well. If you resonate with all the symbolism stars stand for, there’s no better way to show it than to make it a focal point of your dress.

4. Shoes

Whether you plan on people seeing your shoes or not, you can’t deny that you need something spectacular on your feet as you dance the night away. Look for shoes that glisten like the stars or have a printed pattern. It’s such a simple way to ad these powerful symbols to your special day.

Alternatively, if you’re wearing more comfortable shoes, you might consider star-studded socks. These fun socks would be a great way to incorporate the power of stars into your big day without taking away from your stunning outfit. Find something that fits you best and run with it. It’s your day, after all.

5. Jewelry

You’ll likely wear jewelry with your wedding dress or other attire. If you want, lean into the star theme and have a necklace or bracelet with those dainty shapes. This subtle way to add stars to your wedding day can encourage you to remember to dream, both individually and with your 

If you want to go the extra mile, incorporate stars into your wedding ring. You wear your ring on the fourth finger of your left hand because of the “vein of love” that leads directly to the heart, according to ancient Egyptian beliefs. With stars on the ring as well, you’ll always keep your hopes and dreams close to your heart.

6. Makeup

For those who plan on wearing makeup on their wedding day, there’s nothing better than a glamorous look that enhances their beauty. If you love the allure of the spotlight, take a step past the traditional makeup and find a way to add stars to your face. You might consider adding some glitter to get a shining effect, or maybe star shapes on your eyelids are more your style. Whatever the case, you will stand out with stars incorporated into your glamorous look.

7. Nails

If you plan on getting your nails done for your wedding day, you can incorporate a beloved stars theme in your nails. Doing so would be a subtle way of showing off the shape without distracting from the attire of your dreams. It’s also a great way to incorporate stars in your wedding theme at the last minute when you may have everything else planned out already.

A Stars Wedding Dress Might Change The Day

When you’re searching for something to give you that extra pop of dramatic flair or beauty, look toward the stars. A stars wedding dress can help you stand out as you deserve to. If you want something a little different, you can find several other ways to incorporate this meaningful symbol into your new favorite day of the year. Adding stars might just fill your heart with hope and keep you focused on a wonderful future with your spouse. It could be just the thing missing to make your wedding feel perfect.

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