• 08/25/2022

10 Paper Lanterns Centerpiece Ideas


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Paper lanterns are a unique and cost-effective way to enhance any celebration. They make stunning centerpieces for your table as well. Here are ten paper lanterns centerpiece ideas for weddings. 

1. Choose the Right Colors 

If you already have a specific theme or color palette for the wedding this is a good place to start. For example, if you’re going for a nautical theme, incorporate blue lanterns. You can also match the colors with other wedding details, such as floral arrangements. If you’re still deciding on a theme, go for white. It’ll provide an elegant look and match any atmosphere. 

2. Pick a Fun Style 

Once you decide on your colors, you want to choose the shape. There is a variety to choose from, such as accordion or pompom. If you have a more modern vibe, these provide a traditional look. To make your centerpiece stand out, even more, go for honeycomb or start-shaped ones. 

3. Consider How Many You Want to Include

Do you want to cover the entire venue or decorate one specific area? When making a decision, keep in mind your budget and design vision. To get an idea of how many you need, draw out your event space. Then circle where you want them placed, such as the bride and groom table. If you have limited space, try to group together the lights. 

4. Cover the Ceiling 

One way to liven up your table is to create a paper lantern sky above it. To hang the lights, string a fishing line or thread for support. If you have a wedding tent, use the metallic structure of the ceiling. Paper lanterns are easier to hang because they’re lightweight. 

Before decorating, measure the height of your venue’s ceiling.  Place the lantern no lower than one foot above the arm’s reach of your tallest guest. Having a paper lantern sky allows you to take advantage of vertical space. 

5.  Group Your Lanterns  

Creating clusters of paper decorations produces a fun design. It also allows you to save space on the table. You can stick with a color scheme, such as white, or mix in a variety of colors. Just make sure they complement one another. For example, blue and yellow work well together. 

If you plan to hang the lanterns, create the design first using a common string loop. Also, if the event is outdoors you can hang them on tree branches.  

6. Use Them to Highlight Features

Paper lanterns can also help highlight venue features, such as a staircase. This can help to create a dramatic effect. Plus, it can liven up a duller area. 

Here are some more places to add decorations:

  • Overhead beams
  • Balcony 
  • Entryway
  • Buffet table
  • Along the aisle 

7. Add Paper Lantern Flower Centerpieces

Creating a floral arrangement is one of the cutest paper lanterns’ centerpiece ideas. It can create both an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Before visiting a florist, know what you want. Do your research and look at magazines for inspiration. You can also talk with any of your recently married friends for more ideas. 

In addition, match the florals with your venue. For example, if you’re getting married in the park, opt for fewer items in the arrangement. Keep in mind the style of your wedding as well. Peonies and roses fit a modern atmosphere. Plus, you can also personalize the decor with bouquet wraps. 

When using real flowers ensure you find a waterproof vase to go inside the lantern. For smaller ones, a glass jar should work. If you don’t want to use a vase, silk flowers or branches are good alternatives. 

8. Brighten Up Your Space

Adding lights to your decor can help them stand out. Plus, it’s perfect for late-night receptions. A simple way to do this is to place a battery-powered light inside. Then scatter petals or confetti beside it. Another option is using luminaries. These are fire-resistant paper bags with a hole cut for the light to come through. They are available in a variety of colors. This design idea helps light up the table and makes it easier for guests to see one another. 

9. Add Some Sparkle 

One of the fun paper lanterns centerpiece ideas is to add glitter. This can create an eye-catching piece of decor. Plus, it can help dress up any simply designed table. In addition, it’s a cheap way to enhance its style. Consider matching the glitter color with other design elements. 

10. Decorate With a Rainbow Pattern 

Are you looking for a fun way to decorate your lanterns? A rainbow pattern can give the space more personality. You can also paint with your kids as a fun bonding activity. Plus, you can place pre-cut paper at the kid’s table. That way they can make their own paper lanterns. It’s also an excellent way to keep them occupied. 

Paper Lanterns Centerpiece Ideas You Should Try 

Decorating for a wedding can be exciting! Centerpieces are chance to enhance the space and showcase your personality. So, consider some of these paper lanterns centerpiece ideas to make your event the talk of the town. 

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