• 12/19/2023

Korean Skin Care: Where to Buy and How to Build a Routine

Korean skin care products might be more simplistic and natural than the combinations you're used to -- like this nameless pink tube of cream set against a white background. There are pink roses in a vase in the back, reminding you how fragile your skin is.

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A few years ago, not many people would have heard of Korean skin care. Now, many people swear by the products and have achieved a glassy skin look — clear skin and a natural glow. Skin care products from South Korea are a bit different than the ones from America, and they typically rely on different ingredients. Knowing why these products are so popular can lead you to the best places to buy them — and then, you can create a routine for yourself.

Why Is Korean Skin Care So Popular?

The easiest answer for Korean skin care popularity is simple: It works! Rather than treating problems like many American skin care products do, they work on improving the health of the base. With K-Beauty, your skin may look and feel healthier overall, thanks to the wholesome ingredients.

It’s also a great option for folks with sensitive skin. Because most Korean skin care options are derived from natural sources and are likely gentler on the delicate skin of the face than many chemicals in American skin care, where companies don’t cater to those with sensitive skin types. They also have fewer fillers and are friendlier for the environment and your carbon footprint.

Where to Buy Korean Skin Care

You may believe Korean skin care can only be bought in South Korea. However, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth — you can have whatever skin care products you want as long as the website ships internationally to your country. These websites are the most trusted and easily accessible ones to help you find products that fit your needs.

1. YesStyle

YesStyle is probably the most well-known online shop to get authentic skin care products from. However, several other things are for sale on the site, such as clothes and home goods. Still, it’s the go-to place for many people when they want to place a huge order. YesStyle offers free shipping after you purchase around $70 worth of items, and you may also see freebies in your package. It’s an authorized retailer of many well-known brands, making it trustworthy to put your money into.

2. Wishtrend

This shop is excellent if you want to ensure all your products align with your ethics. Everything on the website is cruelty-free, and most items are vegan as well. To be cruelty-free, neither the products nor their ingredients are permitted to be tested on animals, so you’ll know there was no animal testing during every step of the process. 

It offers starter kits to help you dive into the world of K-Beauty and skin care. If you don’t know which products to start with, these kits can steer you in the right direction and ensure you have everything you need. It even lists out the steps for these products. It’s well worth it, especially if you live in one of the 30 countries they ship out to.

3. Amazon

The tricky part of buying Korean skin care products from Amazon is knowing whether they’re authentic. Click through and learn about the seller. Read the descriptions and see if they match what you’re looking for. Keep an eye out for any bad reviews. People tend to be wary of buying consumable items like skin care on Amazon because of how often counterfeit products have been sold in the past.

When you do buy from Amazon, you almost always know when your package will arrive. It’s a site that plenty of people know how to navigate already, so you won’t need to sign up for an additional online account. As long as you’re careful in searching for the products you want and okay with finding a substitute in case your first choice is unavailable, Amazon is a great place to look for Korean skin care products.

7 Steps to a Glowing Korean Skin Care Routine

Depending on the composition and needs of your skin, you may need fewer steps daily or could omit something from your routine entirely. Nighttime is typically when you’ll rotate through the most products. Remember, a routine isn’t one-size-fits-all — something that works for others might not work perfectly for you. Korean skin care is great because it prioritizes natural ingredients, leaving you with one of the best possible products for your face. Start with these skin care staples.

1. Cleanse

Many people cleanse their faces in the morning and evening to avoid carrying around the oil and grime that builds up on the pillow overnight. Ideally, you’ll have two cleansers you can cycle through every night. Cleansing is a huge step in the evening, as it means removing the grime and dirt from the day’s activities from your face. 

Using an oil cleanser first helps you dig in deep and remove all the dirt from your pores, cleansing your face deeper than a water-based cleanser can get. Once you’re done, you’ll want to follow up with that water-based cleanser to remove any leftover oils and anything else your first cleanser may have missed.

2. Exfoliate

While you shouldn’t exfoliate every day, your face might appear brighter and feel softer when you remove any dead skin that just sits there. If you’re using a chemical exfoliator, make sure to try it somewhere else on your skin before using it all over your face. It might be a good idea to start exfoliating once a week, then see how your skin handles it and if you could stand to exfoliate more often.

3. Toner

Pick a toner that works best for you. Some, like rice toners, may help balance the appearance of your skin and brighten it up. Other toners may have vitamin C that can tackle hyperpigmentation. While your toner isn’t the only product that you’ll use to treat problem areas, it can be a great way to balance your skin and prepare it for the products coming next — as well as reap any bonuses your toner includes.

4. Serum

Choosing different serums and rotating them is a great way to tackle any problem areas of your face. Unlike the toner, serums only go on the parts of the skin that need a little extra help. For example, hydrating serums can help heal dry spots, and anti-aging serums can fight areas with deep wrinkles you want to adjust. The serum works great when your pores are open, so showering at night yields an excellent opportunity to ensure the serum penetrates your skin.

5. Sheet Mask

If you haven’t seen all the fun and beneficial face masks, you should quickly become acquainted with them as part of your K-Beauty routine. These masks come in all different shapes and sizes, so if you like more whimsical options, you can find one in the likeness of a cartoon or an animal head. Find the type of sheet mask that will benefit your skin most. This part of your skin care routine can greatly nourish dry skin, so don’t skip it.

6. Eye Cream

Eye cream is the next step of your routine. While the skin on your face is the most sensitive, the skin around your eyes is even more fragile and should be protected. An eye cream can add the extra hydration and defense that a sensitive area needs, depending on its composition. For example, eye cream with coffee or caffeine can help you appear more awake or reduce any puffiness around your eyes. The right cream can keep your eyes hydrated all night long.

7. Moisturizer

After moisturizing your eyes, you need a full moisturizer on your face. If you skip everything else on the list, you should know that cleansing and moisturizing are the most important parts of having healthy, glowing skin. However, to get the cleanest, freshest-looking skin, following a proper skin care routine can help you feel in control of your body and pleased with your overall appearance.

Dive Into Korean Skin Care Today

Whether you already have a skin care routine or are thinking of trying something new, Korean skin care has a place in your cabinet and regimen. Your sensitive skin may finally have a break from chemical after chemical and be grateful for the all-natural ingredients. Alternatively, you might find that combining these products works best for you. As with any skin care product, make sure to test it on a smaller area of skin before putting it all over your face. Then, you’ll figure out an assortment of products and a routine that works best for you.

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