• 02/11/2024

Nail Your Beauty Routine: Learn How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster


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Gorgeous nails are the ultimate accessory. Polishes, gems, stickers and more will transform them into the perfect statement piece for any outfit, but not if your nails don’t exist. No matter what’s keeping you from the long nails of your dreams, you can regain control of your beauty routine. Learn how to make your nails grow faster with this guide.

1. Get More Biotin

Most people have heard how nutrients support specific bodily functions. If you drink milk, it provides calcium for your bones. Eating more fish oils soothes your cells by nourishing them with hydrating oils. Now it’s time to learn about biotin.

Research shows adding biotin to your diet improves nail growth speed by supplying the body with the protein it needs to form the nails. You can find it in supplements, but it’s also in egg yolks and sweet potatoes. Enjoy some new delicious recipes and watch your average nail growth explode nearly overnight.

2. Wear Gloves During Chores

Some daily activities are harsher on nails than others. When you wash dishes with oil-stripping soap, it also wears away at the edges and top layer of your nail polish. Bleach and other strong chemicals used to clean bathrooms will crack any nail design.

Make your polish last longer and maintain the quality of your nails by wearing gloves while doing household chores. You’ll prevent chipping from happening, making it less likely that your nails will snag on fabrics or become eyesores you want to pick at.

3. Try a Strengthening Polish

Flimsy nails are much easier to accidentally tear or bend. It’s frustrating when you feel like you can’t grow your nails like you want, but strengthening polish is here to help. It contains vegan-friendly ingredients and comes in nine colors so your nails can match any outfit.

Apply one coat while you’re trying glam nail art or playing around with nail stickers. No one will notice any difference because it looks identical to traditional polish. It’s a more appealing option than a clear polish that often flakes off overnight.

4. Reflect on Your Preferred Length

How long have your nails been before? You may have reached a length that felt long enough to satisfy you, but your fingernails broke or got on your nerves. They may not have been the issue. Try growing your nails to a slightly shorter length next time. You might be able to more easily go about your daily routine with a milimeter or less in length.

5. Skip Gel Polishes and Stick-On Products

Beauty trends often interest people in trying stick-on nails or gel polishes. Both are great tools to achieve specific looks or make your nail routine easier. However, they can also make the nail bed much weaker. The glue-like ingredients seep into your nails and leave a bendable surface behind. You’ll have to wait much longer for your nails to grow out and strengthen simultaneously.

6. Moisturize Your Nails

Hard nails aren’t always the goal if you want to learn how to make your nails grow faster. Brittle nails break more easily. If you apply strengthening polish and they still crack or chip, you might have naturally dry nailbeds.

Try moisturizing them with a hydrating oil free of parabens and chemical additives. Ingredients like sunflower oil contain fatty acids that moisturize skin cells, including those making up your nailbeds. Oil-based waxes or lotions with fatty acids can also benefit your nails. Try various forms to see what you like best based on how they feel and the progress you note a week or two after using them daily.

Ways to Protect Your Nails While They Grow

There are other ways to boost your nails so they grow faster. Add these protective measures to your daily routine to get the nail length you want.

1. Wear Nail Repellant

Many people chew their nails when they’re stressed, anxious, sad or bored. It’s a condition that might start in childhood and is challenging to stop at any age. It’s easier to redirect that instinct with a bitter nail polish that makes you pucker your lips.

Once you’ve put your nails in your mouth a few times while wearing bitter polish, you’ll start remembering it’s not good to chew them at that moment. Wearing the polish every day makes the habit less appealing. Keep it up for a month or more and you might break the habit preventing your nails from achieving any length.

2. Vent Your Stress

Consider writing your thoughts in a journal to vent your stress or other negative feelings. They’re easier to process when they’re on paper in front of you. After getting your negativity out of your mind, you’ll feel less physically anxious and become less likely to bite your nails.

Researchers found that gratitude journaling specifically improves a person’s mood after seven days of practice. Spend a few minutes each day writing about what worries you and a few things you’re grateful to have in your life. You’ll feel better and potentially stop chewing your nails. If you don’t bite your nails, you’ll at least feel more at ease while waiting for your nails to grow.

3. Try Indoor Gloves

Gloves are always a good idea if you want to protect your nails. Rubber gloves keep harsh chemicals from ruining your nailbed, while other types keep your nails away from surfaces where they’ll break. You’ll also chew your nails less often if you have to remove your gloves to do so.

Find a comfortable pair featuring cotton fabric so the gloves feel more natural on your hands. You could wear them around the house when you’re more likely to do activities like prying open can tabs, soda cans or chewing your nails. Whenever they get dirty, throw them in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

Get the Polished Look You Want

As you learn how to make your nails grow faster, you’ll try new things to achieve your goals. Keep an open mind to a new routine. You’ll get the nail length you want without waiting weeks or months in the meantime.

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