• 02/25/2023

How to Make Flowers Last Longer: 5 Tips

Trimming the stems is just one excellent tip on how to make flowers last longer.

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A bouquet is a lovely gift to receive. They are a gorgeous physical representation of one’s love, but sadly, they can fade rather fast. Flowers cannot continue to grow without their roots — water is often not enough to keep them thriving. So what are the best tips on how to make flowers last longer?

Luckily, there are a few ways to keep those beautiful petals on their stems more than placing them in a vase on a table. Here are a few helpful methods of how to make flowers last longer.

1. Clean the Vase

First things first, it is necessary to clean the vase before putting any flowers or fresh water into it. A dirty container could hold unknown germs that will damage the blooms quickly. Regardless of if the vase is new or old, cleaning it beforehand can help the flowers last.

There are many helpful methods for cleaning a vase. Bleaching it can easily get rid of bacteria and fungi, while baking soda and vinegar are a more entertaining way to wash the container or anything unsavory. Regardless of the method, cleansing the vase is crucial.

2. Trim the Stems

Before placing the flowers in any water, cutting the stems at a 45° angle about 1/2 to 1 inch from the bottom is essential. This step helps the plants take in more water, which allows the flowers last longer in turn. The diagonal cut has a greater surface area for absorption than a straight-across trim.

When trimming the flowers, it is vital to use a sharp tool, such as a freshly-sharpened knife or gardening shears. Dull implements can crush the cells within the stems and prevent them from taking in enough water. Every time the water needs changing or the bottom of the stem becomes discolored, make another cut at the same angle and length.

3. Remove Any Leaves and Loose Petals

If there are any leaves lower down on the stems or floating on the surface of the water — along with any discarded petals — they will begin to break down. The decomposition will make the water cloudy faster than usual because of the added bacteria or fungus. Leaving loose plant matter and contaminants in the water will cause the flowers to wilt prematurely.

Those who want to know how to make flowers last longer should remove any leaves below the water line and check for loose leaves and petals in the water daily. Taking off those leaves before putting the flowers in the water prevents them from breaking down and introducing bacteria. This reason is why it’s also imperative to remove anything that falls from the flowers as well.

4. Feed the Flowers

Remember the little packet that often comes rubber-banded to the bouquet? That is flower food, which can either go completely into the water or require measuring. If the packet should go into the water incrementally, it is best to avoid putting the whole thing in. Doing so could cause the flowers to burn.

However, what is there to do when the packet is all gone? Make flower food at home, of course! The ingredients are likely a few things most people have lying around at home: lemon juice or citrus soda, sugar, bleach, and water. Though bleach might sound unhealthy for plants, it actually helps keep fungus and bacteria that could kill the blooms away.

5. Keep the Bouquet Away from Vents and Direct Sunlight

Plants need the sun to live, so cut flowers should go in the sunlight, right? Wrong — too much light can cause the petals to dry out fast. Indirect sunlight shouldn’t hurt them, but try to avoid putting them right in the sun to keep them fresher longer.

Additionally, try to keep them away from any vents. Excess heat or cool air could easily shorten the life of any fantastic bouquet. Heat can also dry the flowers out, and cold can cause them to die quickly. To stave off excessive drying, consider misting the blooms with water now and then.

Use These Tips on How to Make Flowers Last Longer

Flowers are a wonderful gift to receive, but they can fade a lot faster than most want them to. These helpful tips on how to make flowers last longer can keep that bouquet as fresh as the day they were cut for much longer than just sticking them in a vase with water. Try out these methods and see if they help any flowers around the house thrive.

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