• 06/13/2019

How to Have a Chill Wedding

have a chill wedding

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What bride wants to worry about stress on her wedding day? Unfortunately, even the most laid-back couples can find themselves frazzled come celebration time. Take action before the big event to plan a wedding that’s as chill and relaxed as you are — something that ditches the pressures of the traditional wedding and invites guests to have a fun time.

Ditch Traditional Planning

If you want to be calm and relaxed and find yourself researching how to have a chill wedding, don’t plan a formal event that will keep you stiff. Tell guests to keep attire casual, suggesting sundresses, slacks and button-ups instead of pearls and ties. Instead of the traditional wedding march, try walking down the aisle to one of your favorite songs, like “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Instead of a sit-down meal with table service, consider a buffet station with a selection of your favorite comfort foods.

Remain Flexible the Day Of

Planning is good because it minimizes surprises on the big day and ensures your event reflects your personality. But no amount of planning can guarantee a perfect day. Sometimes life gets in the way and the unexpected happens. Maybe the officiant gets sick at the last minute and you have to scout for a replacement. Or perhaps the flower girl has decided she’s unwilling to wear her chosen dress. The point is you can’t plan for all moments, so stay flexible. View challenges as hurdles and jump each one on your way to the altar.

Trust Your Vendors

It’s natural to want total control over your wedding day. But as you stand on the altar saying “I do,” you can’t control what happens behind the scenes. Instead, you have to trust your vendors are doing as promised. Look for reputable vendors backed by good online reviews, something 87% of engaged couples do. Or get a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member who has first-hand experience dealing with the service. Once the big day arrives, relax and view your vendors as wedding-day veterans.

Let Bridesmaids Have Fun

One of the biggest stressors brides-to-be face is butting heads with bridesmaids. That’s because it’s a tradition for the bride to dictate what everyone in the wedding party will wear. Stay chill on your big day with a policy that’s flexible and open. For bridesmaids, allow them to showcase their style within certain guidelines — for example, any knee-length dress in a floral pattern. Or any style dress in a certain shade of maroon. The outcome will be a distinguished and stylish wedding party that stands out while having fun.

Setup Yard Games

Fun games for two or more people are a great way to liven up the party — plus add some much-needed stress relief. After a day in the sun, play a game of foosball with your groom to start the gaming festivities for the night. For outdoor weddings, great options include cornhole, giant Jenga, ring toss and croquet. Indoor weddings are perfect for more compact ideas like a dress-up photo booth, board game station, picture scavenger hunt and video game station.

Embrace the Weather

You might want an outdoor wedding beneath puffy white clouds. Or perhaps a reception overlooking a clear waterfront sunset. But Mother Nature is one thing that can’t be tamed. No matter how much you plan, rain is always a possibility on your wedding day — even in the colder months. If you experience some droplets during the celebration, don’t fret. Rain on your wedding day is supposedly good luck, signifying fertility, cleansing, unity and renewal. Take it as a positive sign and continue to boogie down — because that’s how to have a chill wedding, after all.

Lose the Shoes

Have you picked out the perfect pair of heels to go with that gorgeous gown? As any fashionista will tell you, shoes that haven’t been properly broken in are bound to do a number on your feet. After the ceremony, why not slip off the heels for something more comfortable? For a beach wedding and reception, let the sand squish between your toes. For a backyard party, consider something comfy and casual, like white flip-flops. Most wedding gowns will hide your shoes, but even a stylish pair of flip-flops can match your elegant ensemble.

Planning a Wedding? Here’s How to Keep It Chill

Contrary to popular belief, planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. If you said yes to the proposal, slid on the engagement ring and picked out a date, it’s time to plan a wedding that’s as relaxed as you. Keep the setting comfortable, with plenty of space for you and guests to relax. Kick off your shoes, embrace the rain and remember to have some fun, whether that means dancing the night away or playing a round of giant Jenga.

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