• 02/08/2023

How to Get Makeup Out of Clothes: 5 Ideas

how to get makeup out of clothes - different shades of blush powder

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Unfortunately, makeup to bound to smudge on the clothing of you or your significant other. You are left with the colors of your face on your favorite shirt and wondering how to remove them. There are quick and easy ways to get makeup stains out without it looking worse. Here is how to get makeup out of clothes. 

1. Ice Cubes 

Ice cubes are a great way to start the process of getting the stain lifted. Never rub the ice cube on the stain but blot it with ice and cold water. 

It is best to avoid hot water since it can spread the stain and makeup tends to only be in one spot. It is best to use hot water when you actually wash the clothing. 

2. Soap and Water 

Soap and water are one of the oldest tricks in the book to get anything clean, from hands to dishes to clothes. This may be the best option if you don’t have anything else on hand. You will want to dab cold water on the stain with a tiny amount of soap. Do not use a paper towel since it can leave flakes and the fabric smeared, making it look even worse. 

Instead, grab another section of the clothing and rub it together. This will create friction which can lift the stain. Once you have worked it in, a regular wash should be able to remove the stain. 

3. Detergent Pens and Wipes

Carrying detergent pens and wipes is a go-to for quick results when stains happen. Sometimes there is no avoiding the issues that arise during the day and it is a great way to blot off excess stains from the fabric. 

The pens have a detergent that comes out when you press down on the fabric. You can keep pressing until it looks like the stain is lifting. They are reusable and can be applied to most fabrics, even if it is dry clean only. 

Wipes are similar and are great to throw into your purse on the go. They are soaked in detergent rather than it coming out of a pen. They are good to have around when you need to get foundation and other makeup stains out quickly. 

4. Hairspray 

This may sound different, but it actually works for lipstick stains. Lipsticks can come in a range of colors which can make the dark pigments harder to get out. 

Spray hairspray on the stain and let it dry. Use a wet wipe to wipe it off and the stain should be gone. Be sure to use hairspray that has alcohol because the ones without will not do anything for your stain. 

5. Shaving Cream 

If you apply shaving cream and let it sit for ten minutes, the cream will be able to dissolve the stain. Wipe it off with cold water and you are good to go. 

The Takeaway

Just as applying these colorful beauty products on the face is a skill, learning how to get makeup on clothes will benefit you. Makeup stains can be annoying and ruin the outfit you planned. Using these tricks, you can easily remove the stains and make them less noticeable throughout the day to save your favorite items. 

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