• 08/01/2022

8 Simple Tips to Fall Asleep Faster Tonight

How to Fall Asleep Faster

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Good sleep makes life more enjoyable. If you haven’t felt well rested after a long night of rest, you may need to learn how to fall asleep faster. Try these easy tips to create a better evening routine and figure out what your mind needs to relax into a deep sleep.

1. Practice 4-7-8 Breathing

Many people use the 4-7-8 breathing technique to slow their racing thoughts when they need to nap or sleep through the night. Anyone can practice the simple routine by pacing themselves through the following steps:

  • Inhale deeply for four seconds
  • Hold your breath and count to seven
  • Exhale for eight seconds

Repeating this cycle four times may help you fall asleep, but you can repeat it as long as you need to dismantle your anxiety or insomnia.

2. Lower Your Thermostat

It’s never easy to rest when your bedroom is too hot. A recent sleep study found that 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature to initiate sleep and keep you at rest throughout the night. If you can’t afford a more costly electric bill, try opening your bedroom window at night to cool off.

3. Avoid Caffeinated Beverages

No one enjoys an afternoon slump in energy, but try not to depend on caffeinated beverages to get you through your day. Experts recommend that people avoid caffeine six hours before bed so it’s out of your system when it’s time to shut your eyes. Your brain will be more settled and ready to fall asleep faster. 

4. Try Light-Blocking Curtains

You may have grown more sensitive to the light in your bedroom every night. Moonlight filtering through your blinds may keep you awake, so hang light-blocking curtains. The thick fabric will make your room darker than ever and could help you slip into a deep sleep minutes after turning out your lights.

5. Pinpoint Your Bedtime Anxiety

Figuring out if anxiety keeps you awake is one of the best ways to learn how to fall asleep faster. Do you constantly check the clock or get into bed while dreading going to work the next day? Find out what causes your anxiety and catch any negative self-talk that makes you feel guilty for not sleeping as easy as you’d like. When your worries decrease, your mind will fall asleep much faster.

6. Change Your Diet

Do you always have a late-night snack before getting into bed? It could be a subconscious way you began coping with insomnia because eating makes people happier by triggering dopamine production. 

Changing what you eat could be the best way to fall asleep faster. Research shows that sticking with a Mediterranean diet free of sugar and processed foods improves your sleep quality by giving your mind the nutrients it needs to regulate itself.

7. Play Background Noise

Silence can be deafening, especially if your thoughts are all-consuming. Sometimes it helps to listen to something, like a rainshower or white noise. Your mind will focus on the sound and slowly forget whatever thoughts are troubling you.

8. Exercise More Often

People often struggle to get enough rest at night if they have too much natural energy. This might be the case for you if you spend all day sitting in front of a computer. Adding light exercise to your routine by walking more could release the pent-up energy that keeps you from slipping into a state of rest.

Learn How to Fall Asleep Faster

Anyone can figure out how to fall asleep faster by trying tips like these. Whether your mind can’t rest because of an issue with your diet, anxiety or too much light in your bedroom, adjusting your routine with new strategies will help you find the best sleep solution for your needs.

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