• 02/23/2023

How to Build a Basic Skincare Routine


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Skincare routines have become popular in recent years as people learn more about the importance of taking care of their skin. Some people don’t have the time to research what makes an excellent skincare routine, but all they truly need to know are the fundamentals. Building a basic skincare routine is as easy as knowing what you need to have and buffing it out from there. Certain products should be used every day, while others can be used infrequently or even avoided in particular if it’s not what you’re looking for.

Components of Any Basic Skincare Routine

Any basic skincare routine includes these three elements. They are practical and can help your skin in several ways, but they don’t necessarily target a flaw you want to improve. Still, if you can build your routine around these elements, you’ll have an excellent foundation that can carry you into a lasting practice.

1. Facial Cleanser

Morning and night, you should cleanse your face. Using a facial cleanser removes the dirt, grime and other products you put on your face, like makeup. Find a mild cleanser that won’t irritate your face and use it. When paired with other steps in your basic skincare routine, you’ll notice that your face feels fresher and brighter. Some cleansers include acne-eliminating ingredients, while others prioritize cleaning your skin as best as possible.

2. Moisturizer

Every basic skincare routine involves at least one quality moisturizer. You probably shouldn’t listen to the moisturizers that claim to fix everything wrong with your skin or sound too good to be true, but moisturizing can add a healthy look and restore life to all skin types, especially dry ones. Remember to spot test your moisturizers before using them all over your face and neck in case there are any ingredients, such as perfumes, that might irritate sensitive skin.

3. SPF

You need to have some protection from the sun every day, even if you don’t plan to be outside for long. The sun can hit your skin every day, even when you’re inside. Aim for a mineral sunscreen of at least SPF 50 to avoid as many UV rays as possible. Sunscreen boasts many benefits, and mineral sunscreen can help shield you against early aging and the dangerous effects of UV rays. If you use one thing every day, ensure it’s your sunscreen.

How to Create a Basic Skincare Routine to Build Off Of

Once you have the bare minimum, you can start building a skincare routine that works well for you. A basic skincare routine features the elements your skin needs, not just what you want for aesthetic purposes. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be able to design a winning skincare routine that will be easy to stick to.

Use Your Foundations

Over 50% of Millennials and Gen Z individuals have a dedicated skincare routine. Not all those routines need to be complex, ten-step routines that take a while to complete. If you have five extra minutes of your day, you can commit to a basic skincare routine with a few simple steps.

You should always cleanse your face first. After you’ve cleaned your face, the type of sunscreen you’ll use determines what goes next. You should always opt for a mineral sunscreen rather than a chemical one — they’re arguably safer, and they sit on the skin to repel rays rather than get absorbed into the skin. When using mineral sunscreen, you’ll use your moisturizer first, then put sunscreen on.

Add What You Need

Toners and serums can get confusing to people who don’t understand them. Toner is a basic step that you don’t need to include, but it can better prep your face after a harsher cleanser to prepare to soak up your moisturizer. Serums can have several purposes, from brightening your skin to reducing wrinkles, so it’s important to tailor your products to what you feel you need most.

You must ensure you know a product’s ins and outs before you start using it regularly. Retinols are great for anti-aging purposes, but they can also make you more susceptible to UV rays. In this case, you should only use your retinol at night. That way, you get use out of it while protecting your skin from further damage.

Remember Less Is More

After you stop a skincare routine, your skin will revert back to its natural microbiome, showing that your skin demonstrates stability over time. As such, you need to take care of what products you use on your skin. Remember, less is more. The fewer products you put on your skin, the shorter your basic skincare routine will be, and you won’t have to worry about the cost hitting your wallet quite as hard.

Your Basic Skincare Routine Is Best

If you don’t want to put much on your skin, you should stick to the most basic skincare routine you can manage. While multi-step skincare routines seem luxurious, they aren’t practical for everyone, both time- and money-wise. When you just want to do something small to protect your skin, starting off with your fundamental skincare can make a huge difference. Try adding new steps once you feel ready, but don’t feel pressured to put more on your skin than you’re comfortable with. Your skin knows what it needs!

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