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How Much Does a Day-of Wedding Coordinator Cost?

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A wedding is one of the biggest expenses you can have, with an amount comparable to a mortgage down payment or even more. From buying the couple’s ring to a gown, suit and other essential accessories, expect to pay thousands of dollars for the ceremony. On top of these costs covering the bride and groom’s needs, paying for the service of a day-of wedding coordinator to organize the event also adds up to the bill. 

How much does a day-of wedding coordinator cost? Learn how much you should spend on the service and why it benefits you. 

What Does a Day-of Wedding Coordinator Do?

People often interchange the terms wedding coordinator and planner, but each role has a distinct function. 

Planners are there to help the couple from the time they begin laying out the plan for the wedding. Meanwhile, coordinators assist when the big day is near and furnish everything to ensure the ceremony is as planned. 

People refer to the roles as the same since many wedding planners also offer coordination packages and vice versa, as long as they’re qualified and have the experience to do so. Wedding planners or coordinators are mainly categorized into five functions.

  • Full-time planner: Offers planning and coordination services from start to finish.
  • Part-time planner: Helps you take care of other wedding responsibilities you can’t handle, such as finding vendors.
  • Destination wedding planner: Helps you plan and find the perfect venue for the wedding. 
  • Month-of coordinator or day-of coordinator: Assists you several weeks before the wedding and manages minor details.
  • Event designer: Handles wedding design and aesthetics.

If you hire a day-of wedding coordinator, they’ll work with you at least a month before the big day to ensure everything is on schedule and polish last-minute details. They manage the wedding timeline and the vendors and guarantee wedding plans are executed appropriately. 

How Much Does a Day-of Wedding Coordinator Cost?

The cost of hiring a wedding planner or coordinator varies on the following factors:

  • Types of services: Expect to pay more for full-service planning than a la carte service.
  • Size: A larger guest list means more time and resources are needed, leading to higher costs. 
  • Location: If you plan to hold the ceremony in a popular spot, it can affect the day-of wedding coordinator cost. In New Jersey, the day-of wedding coordinator costs $3,000 to $4,000, while a wedding planner in Texas offering more services only charges $1,500 to $4,300 on average. 
  • Season: The coordinator may also charge higher during peak wedding season because of the difficulty in logistics and finding vendors. 
  • Expertise: Those with more experience and who have worked with several clients may bill you more. Experience is the most significant thing to consider when hiring a wedding planner.

On average, a full-service wedding planner costs around $3,000, but higher-end rates range between $4,500 to $12,000. 

On average, the day-of wedding coordinator costs about $800 but can go anywhere from $1,250 to $3,395, depending on the expertise and add-on services you get. It can get costly, but their help will reduce the pressure on you when the wedding is near. 

If you’ve done most of the preparations and only need someone to tie the loose ends, consider hiring a per-hour wedding planner or coordinator to tackle a few tasks, like talking to vendors. But take note not all offer this service as most charge per package. Typically, the wedding planner’s cost per hour on average is $75, but others may charge between $100 to $275. 

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Coordinator?

It depends as some couples may want to help with planning and preparation, while others prefer to leave everything to their coordinator or planner. A good rule is to allot 15% of the wedding fund to the planner service. 

A survey shows couples spent around $34,000 for a wedding in 2019. If you have this budget, 15% or around $5,100, should be set aside for wedding planning services. Other factors like extra services and location may drive the cost upward. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

The day-of wedding coordinator costs are high, but you’d want to hire a professional for many beneficial reasons. Preparing for a wedding is a stressful time. Outsourcing a considerable portion of the task, such as finding vendors or budgeting, can lift some of the stress load and give you time to focus on your needs or other important matters. Here are the top reasons to hire a day-of wedding coordinator service.

1. Relax on Your Wedding Day

You can rely on them to set up the decorations in the venue, talk to the vendors and manage the caterer and bartenders. They can take the pressure off from you and your partner so you can focus on the ceremony. 

A coordinator shows up hours early to the venue to fix the last-minute details, such as checking if the cake table has enough serving supplies, coordinating with you about transporting the wedding gifts home and working with the event staff to ensure tables are bussed promptly. You can offload all of these stressful tasks to the day-of wedding coordinator. 

2. Create and Execute the Wedding Timeline Perfectly

Most brides and grooms are inexperienced when it comes to creating and executing the wedding timeline. A skilled coordinator has gone through multiple weddings and knows when tables and chairs must arrive at the venue, when the florist should deliver the flowers, and when the photographer should come. All these things require mental energy and time, which you must save when the wedding is just days ahead. 

3. Ensure the Ceremony Runs Smoothly

A wedding coordinator will be there during rehearsals and ensure the participants know their position and where they need to go. During the ceremony, they control the guest traffic and take care of the final touches for a smooth, big day. You can concentrate on the ceremony and enjoy the day without worrying if important guests are served and treated well. 

Hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator for a Stress-Free Big Day

If you want your big day to run smoothly, hire a day-of wedding coordinator to take care of the wedding details. They can help you with many things and give you the peace of mind that someone is overseeing the event even when you’re not looking and paying attention. 

Hiring a day-of wedding coordinator costs you at least a few hundred dollars, but their support can make the preparation less stressful, allowing you to walk down the aisle with a smile. When choosing a planner service that fits your budget, always consider the experience. Experienced professionals can resolve the most minor issues during the big day and help you carry on with the marriage ceremony seamlessly.

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