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How Much Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Coordinator?

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A wedding is a special event that needs ample time for preparation. Between choosing the perfect gown, searching for a venue and picking out the rings, it’s easy to overlook other vital details, such as hiring a wedding planner and coordinator to assist you. 

Weddings are one of the most unforgettable moments for a couple. There’s no better way to make it perfect than enlisting the help of wedding professionals’ help to prepare for your dream ceremony.

Wedding Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

There’s a clear distinction between the tasks of a wedding planner and a coordinator. People often interchange the terms, but they’re two different professionals with different goals in a wedding. 

From the word itself, a wedding planner makes wedding plans. They closely work with a couple and recommend the best choices for design, venue, hiring vendors, budget and other things related to the wedding. They’re involved in the initial wedding process and help the couple decide. Their tasks are complete once all the couple’s wedding visions are translated into a plan — then comes the wedding coordinator.

A wedding coordinator sets the plan in motion. They ensure plans are based on what the couple, including the planner, has conceptualized and decided. They manage the timeline and rehearsals, oversee the execution on the big day and are more involved in the final stages of the preparation. 

Most people refer to the terms similarly because most wedding planners offer complete coordination services as an add-on. The all-inclusive service means you’ll work with the same professional, which is advantageous in some ways. For instance, it streamlines the wedding details, and there’s a lower chance of hitches due to miscommunication. 

Average Cost of a Wedding Coordinator

The average cost of a wedding coordinator for the day-of wedding ranges from $800 to $2,600, depending on many factors,  such as location, the planner’s or coordinator’s experience and wedding details. 

A wedding planner in Texas charges from $1500 to $4300, while it costs between $1,900 to $5,500 for the same wedding service in San Francisco, California. 

Wedding planners or coordinators offer either full or partial services. There are three types of coordination services.

1. Day-of Wedding Coordination

The coordinator meets with you a few weeks before the big event to furnish the wedding details. They help you create a wedding day game plan and iron out the execution. They ensure everything is ready and on schedule, from the vendors, venue, decor setup and everything else. This service is the most popular because over a third of couples booked a day-of coordinator to help with the wedding. 

2. Wedding Weekend Coordination

Hiring a wedding weekend coordinator is ideal if you have an extensive guest list and the celebration will last for days. They perform the responsibilities of a day-of wedding coordinator and help with other tasks, such as greeting guests. They ensure the wedding festivities run smoothly throughout. As few couples extend their wedding celebrations for more than a day, only 4% of couples get this service.

3. Destination Wedding Coordination

This service is vital if you plan to hold the ceremony out of state or abroad. Since you can’t readily visit and see the location, a wedding coordinator can assist you in handling the logistics of the wedding items. They can help you choose a suitable venue and vendors and take care of everything you can’t. 

Average Cost of Wedding Coordinator per Hour

Couples pay an average of $1,000 to $2,500 for a wedding planning package with day-of coordination service. For a small wedding, the lower range rate is around $400 and below, while high-end weddings can cost $4,500 or more. 

If you’ve furnished the wedding plans and only need a coordinator to assist you with execution, an hourly coordination service sounds practical. Since weddings are significant spending, it’s one of the ways to cut down on expenses. The average hourly rate is $75, but skilled professionals charge more, between $100 to $275 per hour. 

It’s worth spending on a wedding planner or coordinator, even just on an hourly basis. They help you avoid overspending and make the preparations far less stressful. 

5 Things To Look For in A  Wedding Coordinator

A wedding planner who is also a coordinator offers three types of services: 

  1. For a specific need or when you require help with a particular task, such as catering or designing the venue.
  2. On-day coordination service if you want to ensure everything is on schedule and the big day runs smoothly.
  3. All-inclusive service from when you start preparing for the wedding until the celebration concludes.

Here are five features to look for in a wedding planner or coordinator.

1. A Good Portfolio

Like how a company would naturally prefer an experienced employee, it helps if the wedding planner has done some weddings. It can lift a huge load of stress if you work with someone who knows what they do and can respond to unexpected situations, like sudden changes in the weather or guests showing up unexpectedly.

The big day is a time for you to enjoy and celebrate. You can leave everything to a wedding planner if they’ve had their fair share of the unexpected through their past weddings. 

2. Personality and Trust

Their portfolio of clients is one way to know if they’re credible and worthy of trust. Another thing is their online presence. Most good wedding planners have a business site showcasing the clients they’ve worked with and testimonials from them.

Working with a planner who complements your personality is equally essential as you’ll collaborate for months. 

3. Responsiveness

Constant communication helps minimize slip-ups during the big event. Find a wedding planner who is responsive to your emails, messages or calls within the hour or the day. If they’re too busy, find a different planner. 

4. Fits the Budget

A wedding costs an average of $30,000 in 2022. It’s easy to overspend if you don’t know how to work around the budget. A planner can help you manage wedding expenses so you don’t spend more than what’s allocated. 

Based on a study, the service of a wedding planner takes up 6% of the entire wedding budget. Look for a planner who can deliver excellent service at your allotted budget. 

5. References

Ask for references for their recent weddings. These people can provide feedback about their overall working experience with the planner. Consider it a red flag if they refuse to give references. 

A Wedding Coordinator Can Make Wedding Preparations Less Stressful

A wedding planner or coordinator can help you seamlessly prepare for the big day. Although there’s nothing wrong with doing it all by yourself — you need an extra hand if you want to look your best on the big day. 

A wedding expert can help take some of the load off your plate. Whether you have a small or large guest list, they can help plan, set up and execute your wedding ideas smoothly.

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