• 08/30/2022

18 Creative Venues for Weddings


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If you’re not sure where you want to get married, consider choosing a unique venue. Choosing an unconventional location can make your wedding more memorable and meaningful for you and your partner. Here are 18 creative venues for weddings that you can explore. 

1. Air Field

Take off on your new journey by booking an airfield for your wedding. 

You can set up almost anywhere by booking a local airfield, with planes being the perfect backdrop.

2. Aquarium 

If you love the ocean, you and your fiancé can enjoy an under-the-sea atmosphere by getting married at an aquarium. 

Surrounding yourself with beautiful marine life and unique lighting will make your day magical.

3. Cave 

A cave can be a fantastic wedding venue if you love exploration. 

You’ll want to choose a managed cave for safety, but stalagmites make lovely decorations. 

4. Library 

A Library is an excellent wedding if one of you is a book lover. 

Older libraries can feel like a novel yourself, which is a wonderful way to begin your new chapter.  

5. Lighthouse 

Consider a lighthouse for your unique wedding venue if your partner is your guiding light. 

When you rent a lighthouse, go to the top for amazing photos. 

6. Movie Theatre 

Whether in the entertainment industry or just love movies, you can get married in a movie theatre. 

You won’t have to worry about seating and will have a wedding that belongs on the big screen. 

7. Museum 

Have your wedding go down in history by having your ceremony in a museum.

Choose a museum with a larger-than-life exhibit or features one of your and your partner’s hobbies.

8. National Park 

You know you can get married in nature, but you might not know that you can have your ceremony in a national park. 

Surround yourself with forests, mountains, hot springs or canyons for a stunning ceremony. 

9. Planetarium 

Consider a planetarium if you want to get married under the stars but are concerned about the weather. 

You and your partner can say your vows under the cosmos and request a sky that’s meaningful to you. 

10. Railroad 

If you or your partner loves history and travel, a railroad station could be your perfect wedding venue. 

Old railroad stations have a timeless charm that, with a few decorations, become excellent ceremony locations. 

11. Rooftop

You might have seen a rooftop wedding in your favorite television show, but you can get married on one in real life too. 

They offer excellent views of the surrounding city, allowing you and your guests to capture breathtaking photos. 

12. Skydiving 

Though the sport can be very safe, skydiving can feel like taking “til death does us part” to a new extreme. 

There may not be a more memorable way to commemorate your new life together than taking a plunge with amazing views. Just make sure neither of you is afraid of heights. 

13. Stadium

Many stadiums allow weddings when their sport isn’t in season. 

If you and your partner love a team, what better place to hold a wedding than on their field? Plus, there’s no worry about seating. 

14. Theme Park 

You hear of Disney World weddings, but many theme parks allow you to marry there.

Everyone will enjoy watching you tie the knot before or after spending time enjoying the rides and games around them. 

15. Treehouse

Get up close and personal with nature with a treehouse wedding.

If you have a small guest list, you can make a magical experience for all of them among the trees. 

16. Warehouse 

You might be wary of a warehouse wedding, but these buildings are giant vessels of potential. 

Most have tall windows that let in a lot of light and plenty of room to set things up as you’d like. 

17. Yacht

If you and your partner love being out on the ocean, a yacht or boat wedding could be perfect for your ceremony. 

Enjoy the ocean air and capture amazing photos during sunset on the water. 

18. Zoo

If you and your partner are animal lovers, consider having your wedding at a zoo or wildlife reserve. 

Solidify your commitment to each other surrounded by your favorite animals.

Choosing a Creative Wedding Venue

Choosing a creative venue will make your wedding memorable for all to attend. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box to choose a unique venue that’s meaningful for you and your fiancé. 

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