• 07/29/2022

5 Classic Bridal Shower Games


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Games are one of the best parts of a bridal shower. 

They get the guests to participate, bring out the spirit of friendly competition and get everyone laughing. 

When planning a bridal shower, it can be hard to know what games to choose. Here are five classic bridal shower games that will entertain your guests. 

Paper Wedding Dress

This game gets your guests up and moving and is sure to bring laughs. 

Divide your guests into teams of at least three people and provide them with newspapers or rolls of toilet paper. Have each team select a “bride.”

For five to fifteen minutes, the teams have to use the paper products to create a dress for their respective brides. The bride-to-be gets to choose the team with the best dress, and that team gets a prize!

If you use toilet paper, they can make the dresses by rolling them around their team member. If you use the newspaper, you can provide markers, scissors and tape to cut out the bodice.

Purse Scavenger Hunt

If you have friends and family members carrying purses or handbags, they can play this game. 

Before the shower, the host or hostess can list items guests may carry in their purses. There can be some likely items, like wallets, keys and credit cards and less likely items like a first-aid kit, sewing kit or eyeshadow. Assign points to the items based on how likely your guests will have them. 

Tip: If you have a lot of people from one profession or hobby, you can put items on the list that are specific to them. 

During the game, have someone call out the items; the guests can hold up any. Have someone else keep track of who has the most points by the end of the game, and the winner gets a prize. 

The Clothespin Game

The clothespin game is a way to keep your guests engaged throughout the whole shower. 

As your guests arrive, they’ll pick up clothespins to put on their clothes. Prohibit guests from saying a few words during the shower. Ensure it’s a common word during a bridal shower, like “bride” or “flowers,” so guests are bound to slip up. 

As guests catch each other saying the words, they’re allowed to take their clothespins. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize. 

Bridal Trivia

Another classic game to play during a bridal shower is trivia and here are several different ways to do it. 

You can put your guests into teams or let them play individually. You can have them answer via notecards or do a jeopardy-style game. For categories, you can choose facts about the bride, couple or wedding movies. 

Another option is to make cards with fill-in-the-blank trivia questions that guests can fill out at their leisure. Near the end of the shower, go over the answers, and the person with the most correct answers wins.

Gift Bingo

Another table game to keep guests engaged is gift bingo. 

Provide your guests with blank bingo cards and writing utensils. Before the bride-to-be opens gifts, have your guests write their gift guesses in the empty bingo spaces. 

Your guests can mark off the gifts on their cards as the bride-to-be opens her gifts and whoever gets bingo first wins a prize. 

Playing Games at a Bridal Shower

Games are a great addition to any bridal shower and are sure to please the bride and her guests. 

Even if a guest doesn’t want to play, they’re sure to enjoy watching the others compete. 

Whether you go with the classics or come up with your own, playing games can be a great way to break the ice, get guests involved and ensure everyone has a good time.

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