• 10/27/2023

7 Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts the Bride Will Love


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Traditionally, bridal showers are an opportunity to give the couple gifts like appliances, dinner sets and other home essentials to use when they move to their new home. However, bridal shower etiquette has changed over time. Modern celebrations tend to focus more on the bride-to-be and showering her with good wishes and personal gifts. So how do you choose the perfect gift for a bridal shower?

 While there might be a wedding registry with gift ideas, the bridal shower is a great opportunity to give the bride something meaningful. If you are her mother, sister, best friend or former roommate from college, giving her a personalized gift shows her you’re thinking of her. From fancy monogrammed PJs to luxury candles, here’s a list of personalized gifts for the bridal shower that will be put the spotlight on the bride-to-be and make her feel super special.

What To Look For in a Personalized Gift For a Bridal Shower

When choosing a gift, think of her interests, any memories you share or items you think she might need for the wedding or on her honeymoon. If she loves doodles and art you can get her an artwork or journal that reflects that interest. Maybe she is big on self-care and indulging. Consider skincare or candles to help her relax leading up to the big day. If you aren’t sure what her interests are, consider wedding-related items, like clothes or pajamas, for her to wear before the wedding. 

Taniri Personalized Pajamas

Treat the bride-to-be with soft, luxurious monogrammed PJs. This Two-piece short-sleeved set with a button top and shorts is handmade from high-quality material with detachable feathers– perfect for a bridal party sleepover. The pajamas come in several colors, including Soft Mauve, White, Dusty Rose and Sage. You can choose how you want the monogram printed in the front, back or both sides. The printing type also allows you to customize the name in white, black, silver, gold or rose gold. The pajamas come in a cute organza bag, ready for you to gift the bride. 

JohnsonCraftStudio Wedding Hanger

Get a custom hanger as a bridal shower gift. It’s the perfect place to hang the most important dress the bride-to-be will ever wear. Add the bride’s name, numbers, and a heart shape to customize it. The hangers are made of high-quality solid wood and come in three different colors: natural, white, and brown. The personalized name is made from durable aluminum and is available in silver, gold, or rose gold finishes. The company also offers a plain ribbon or a flower bow of your choosing for you to use as a finishing touch on the hanger.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Couple Print 

These whimsical personalized prints from uncommon goods featuring art by Mary and Shelly Klein are a cute way to celebrate the couple and remind them how far they’ve come. You can choose hairstyles, clothing, skin tone and pets to represent them. You can also customize the artwork with their name and the year they established their relationship. 

Letters for the Bride To Be

If you are organizing the bridal shower, you could get every guest to sign this book and write a short letter with wishes for the bride and encouraging messages as she takes a big step. You can choose to have any title on the cover, the material for the wood cover, the paper and binding colors based on what she likes. 

A Box of Her Favorite Things 

How well do you know the bride? This gift idea is perfect if you’re her best friend or sister. 

Fill a pretty box with some of her favorite things. You could make a self-care box or a goodie box, depending on her tastes. She’ll appreciate how much thought you put into the goodies. 

Here are some ideas you can use for the box. 

  • Food box: You can include a box of her favorite chocolates, a mini bottle of her favorite champagne, a box of tea, cookies or macarons.  Make it extra special with a mini edible flower arrangement using tulips, viola and nasturtium (Make sure the flowers are food-grade and chemical-free so she can use them in a salad or to add to her tea).
  • Therapy box: Brides don’t get much time to relax with all the planning and scheduling. Remind her to take some time for self-care with a box of therapy goodies. You can out items like face masks, a journal to record her thoughts leading up to the big day, some eye cream or her favorite serum and a scented candle. 
  • Wedding prep box: Put items she might need on the wedding day but could forget: a small bottle of her favorite perfume, a sewing kit, extra bobby pins, lip gloss, hand lotion and makeup wipes. You can think of other things that might slip her mind when she’s packing for the big day. You can put these items in a monogrammed clear pouch  so she doesn’t forget it on the day. 

LoveSuna Bride Sweatshirt 

Get her a cute sweatshirt that exudes style with its simple ‘Bride’ embossed label in the front and initials on the cuff. You can personalize the couple’s initials with a heart or a plus sign to symbolize their union. The sweater is a relaxed crew neck fit, perfect for her wedding planning errands or part of her outfit on the morning of the wedding. 

Le Labo Candle 

She will love this luxurious Le Labo candle if she loves designer candles and scented goodies. Made from fragrance oils and a custom blend of waxes, the candle has a smoky and leathery scent. Each candle is poured by hand into elegant glass vessels with a simple label. You can personalize the label with her name, a phrase or an inside joke you share. 

Spoil the bride-to-be with something meaningful 

Whether you’re gifting her the cozy embossed sweatshirt or a box of her favorite goodies, these personalized presents will surely make her smile. 

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