• 11/16/2022

Bring Serenity to Your Bathroom with These 6 Shower Plants

6 Best Shower Plants for Indoor Gardeners

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Indoor gardeners often choose pretty flower pots that sit by their biggest windows, but that isn’t the only way to raise beautiful plants. You can also grow them in your shower. These are some of the best shower plants because they love the extra humidity, even in small spaces with little light.

1. Air Plants

The best shower plants need very little direct sunlight and regular humidity. Air plants thrive in both conditions. You only need to soak them once a week by submerging them in water for 30 minutes. The rest of the week, they’ll love the steam from your showers and need nothing but a container free of soil.

An air plant sites in a terracotta pot on a windowsill.

2. Pothos 

You can easily grow the pothos plant if your bathroom has a window. Place the pot in a bright corner where it will get half shade. As it grows, the stems will trail along your shower walls and transform it into a cottagecore dream. They only need water every other week, like succulents in full-sun spots around your home.

3. Spider Plants

The grassy clumps you’ll first see when potting a spider plant might not look like much, but they’ll quickly grow into long shoots stretching down your shower walls. Keep them low light to help your spider plant reach maturity. The right amount of sunshine allows plants to transport antioxidants to their cells and grow according to schedule.

A spider plant in a blue and white vase.

4. Peperomia

The round, waxy leaves of a peperomia plant love humid environments. As long as the plant doesn’t get splashed during each shower, it’ll thrive in your bathroom. Give it small amounts of water when the soil dries to avoid overwatering your new shower plant. It will reach up toward the ceiling and form a small bush of large leaves that are the focal point wherever it grows.

5. Heartleaf Philodendron

You might feel confused when picking out a philodendron, as there are over 485 species within the same plant family. People commonly refer to the heartleaf or sweetheart variation as an impossible plant to kill. You can bury the seeds in a small bathroom pot and watch it grow into a cascading leafy dream.

The plant will love your shower, especially since it will keep it away from curious pets. The leaves and sap are poisonous to cats and dogs. Placing it on a high bathroom windowsill or shower shelf and keeping the door closed will ensure that your plants and pets are always safe.

Heart-shaped leaves of a heartleaf philodendron.

6. Snake Plants

Snake plants need low light and infrequent watering, but they’re also sensitive to light. A bathroom is ideal for this type of plant because the lighting and temperature rarely change. Place your snake plant in a pot with a drainage hole, so that when it needs watering, you can lower the pot into a basin of water for 10 minutes and avoid putting water on the leaves.

Raise the Best Shower Plants

There are many plants you could choose from for your indoor garden, but these are the best shower plants for your bathroom. Think about what shape you want for your plants and how much space they’ll have to grow to pick a suitable species.

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