• 06/11/2023

7 Best Apartment Pets for Low-Maintenance Furry Fun


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Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being a pet owner. While spacious backyards may be limited, some animals can thrive in small apartments. The best apartment pets are low-maintenance,  adaptable and don’t need much exercise. You can explore some great choices to accompany you in your apartment while taking into consideration their size and compatibility with some living spaces. Here are the seven best apartment pets to keep you company. 

1. Cats 

Cats are a perfect apartment companion. They are independent, use a litter box and don’t need to be walked or taken outside frequently. Certain breeds are calmer than others and can be a great addition to your home. Specifically, Ragdolls, Russian Blues and British Shorthairs are known to adapt well to small places and have a calm affectionate nature. 

Cats provide companionship, reduce stress and do great in small areas. To keep them from getting bored, make sure you have regular play sessions and get them vertical spaces like cat trees to stay comfortable and entertained. However, be mindful of allergies and roommates that could be susceptible.

2. Small Dogs

If cats aren’t your thing and you prefer a dog small breeds are a better option when you are living in an apartment. Dogs like Yorkshire Terriers, French Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are small and require less exercise than larger breeds. They adapt well to indoor living and can be satisfied with regular walks and short play sessions. 

Small dogs typically don’t shed as much which is a plus for your small living space. Remember to check with your landlord about any regulations or breed restrictions. 

3. Fish

A small aquarium can make a beautiful decorative piece in your apartment while providing a calming ambiance and a friend. Fish like Betta fish, Guppies and Tetras are low-maintenance pets that require minimal space and care. Regular feeding, tank maintenance and getting the right equipment are essential for your fish’s well-being in any home. Watch the colorful fish gracefully swim in the tank as a way to relax and watch them perfectly complement your apartment. 

4. Birds  

 Birds are another option to go for when choosing an apartment pet. You will want to make sure the one you choose is not loud. Canaries and finches are popular choices since they are small, easy to care for and decently quiet. Caring for a bird requires regular social interaction and mental stimulation so make sure you have time to give them the attention they need. You should take in consideration the noise levels in your apartments. You may not want to get a bird if you can hear your neighbors clearly since they can sometimes be louder. 

5. Small Rodents

Rodents like hamsters, guinea pigs and rats can make great apartment pets for those seeking a smaller and low-maintenance companion. They require minimal space and are relatively easy to care for. These small pets provide entertainment with their playful antics and can be housed in cages or enclosures. You need to provide them with a clean and enriching environment with toys, tunnels and bedding to stay comfortable. 

6. Reptiles 

Reptiles are not for everyone but can be a fascinating addition to your apartment. If you love unique creatures, this is the perfect option. Certain reptiles like leopard geckos, bearded dragons and corn snakes are perfect for apartment living. For the most part, they are low maintenance but require a special set up. You will need to create a habitat for them with proper heating and lighting to make sure they can live comfortably. 

Reptiles offer a captivating and exotic element to your apartment but it is crucial to research their specific needs before deciding this as your pet. 

7. Rabbits 

Rabbits make a delightful pet, especially for people who want a pet with high energy and a unique personality. These small herbivores can easily adapt to apartment living and can be liter trained. It is important that they have enough space to hop around to get their energy out. They also love to have mental stimulation and eat a diet of hay and vegetables.

Rabbits thrive on social interaction so be sure you have time to bond with them.

Choose Your Apartment Companion

With so many animals to choose from there is sure to be a best apartment pet for you. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the jot of being a pet owner. The key is to choose a pet that fits your lifestyle and the size of your place. These animals all have separate needs; selecting the right one will enrich your environment.         

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