• 03/14/2023

Summer House Furniture to Consider This Year

Summer House Furniture to Consider This Year

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Upgrading your home’s interior design with new furniture is so exciting. Your house gets a new look that matches your evolving style and the season. Check out some of the best summer house furniture people adore to find the inspiration you need for your interior design renovations.

What Is Summer House Furniture?

People often picture summer house furniture belonging to someone’s second home. After all, a summer house is typically where people spend the summers to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

However, only 14.83% of American adults own a second home. You might not have a secondary property for seasonal vacations, but that shouldn’t stop you from redecorating your home for the hot weather months. The right summer house furniture could even make it feel like your favorite season in the middle of winter.

What to Consider for Summer Redecorating

There are a few ways to redecorate your home and make it feel like summer all year. Picture why you love the season. It might remind you of cool breezes, airy spaces and relaxing afternoons. 

Your home can have that same vibe with the right interior decorating choices. While browsing summer house furniture, consider if the materials and colors evoke things like:

  • Organization to reduce clutter
  • Light colors that relax the mind
  • Airy materials that promote air circulation
  • Patterns and decor that create a happy environment
  • A touch of luxury, like vacation homes

Most Popular Summer House Furniture

Ready to start your search? These are some of the most popular summer house furniture pieces that work in any living space. They’re even manageable on a budget, so you don’t need to break the bank to get new furniture.

1. Beige Rattan Bar Stools

If your home has a bar-height countertop, you likely spend plenty of time there. It’s a great place to work, read and socialize, but not if the barstools have cushioned seating that retains body heat. There’s nothing fun about feeling your legs stick to your chair or sweating against cushions while you’re on a video call.

These beige rattan bar stools allow you to cool off while hanging out at your bartop. With a ceiling fan on, you’ll feel the breeze on your back and below your legs. There’s even a bar that doubles as a footrest for maximum comfort.

$249 from Amazon

2. Wooden Plant Stand

Indoor and outdoor gardeners can enjoy summer with a wooden plant stand. This model works indoors and outdoors, so you can grow any plants year-round. The tiered look has beach-house vibes, while the wood calls back to nature in full bloom during warm weather months.

$24.99 from Amazon

3. Rocking Patio Chairs

People love relaxing on their porches in the summer, especially after the sun sets. Maximize your summer evening comfort with a set of rocking patio chairs. They have cushions to keep you comfortable while allowing the cool breeze to pass through the armrests. Your porch will become the perfect place to journal about your summer adventures or catch up with friends.

$89.99 from Amazon

4. Pine-Wood Dining Table

The best summer house furniture uses lighter colors to create a relaxed atmosphere. This pine-wood dining table set does that with a tranquil shade of gray and clean white paint. The wood surfaces won’t retain your body heat either. Instead, the material will be the temperature of your air conditioning. As you sit down to eat, you’ll immediately start to relax after a long, hot day.

$179.99 from Amazon

5. Rattan Patio Loveseat

When you think of summer, you might picture vacationing with your favorite person. Getting away creates opportunities for romance, but you can have the same experience at home with this patio loveseat.

The seats connect with a shared table to hold wine glasses, charcuterie boards or card games. It’s perfect for conversations after dinner or sharing coffee in the morning. Set it up on your porch so it feels like summer all year. In the winter, you can always cover it with plastic sheeting or invest in a patio heater to continue your outdoor relaxation.

$99.99 from Amazon

6. Rattan End Table Set

Don’t forget to upgrade your bedroom with a few summer house furniture pieces. These rattan end tables are the perfect way to blend your bohemian vibes with summer furniture materials. The cabinet doors use woven rattan pieces to create privacy for your storage needs, while the wood tone evokes the lightness of a summer home.

Look for a headboard or bedframe in a light tone to match your new end tables. They’ll make your bedroom or guest room feel like a luxury room at a beachside resort. Add a few lamps or seaside-inspired decor to complete the room’s new look.

$139.99 from Amazon

7. Wicker Teardrop Hanging Chair

If you follow any travel influencers on Instagram, you’ve likely seen them pose in hanging chairs at various rental properties. They’re a popular way to add seating to rental homes in beachfront or lakefront areas.

Hang one in your home with this summer-inspired teardrop chair. The crisscrossed wicker and plush cushions will cradle you as you read in mid-air. Give yourself a gentle push to catch a breeze anywhere you want to sit. It’s an excellent addition to bedrooms, living rooms and porches.

$201.12 from Amazon

8. Patio Bar Table

Warm weather is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. You can hang out around a backyard pool or grill, but eventually, you’ll want refreshing drinks. This patio bar table is an excellent addition for anyone looking at summer house furniture options.

You can hang glassware on the top shelf while bartending supplies, plates and other glassware wait on the bottom shelf. There’s also plenty of counter space made with woven wicker in case you want to place chips and dip out for everyone to enjoy.

$129.99 from Amazon

Find the Ultimate Summer House Furniture

There are many pieces to consider while looking for summer house furniture. Whether you’re redecorating your home or upgrading your vacation property, these furniture selections won’t disappoint. You’ll have everything you ended to enjoy summer vibes year-round and maximize your fun between May and September.

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