• 12/04/2018

8 Popular Wedding Themes for 2019

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Though not every couple chooses to incorporate a theme into their wedding, popular themes can help make planning a cohesive wedding experience just a little bit easier. If you have a theme in mind, it can help you select your decorations, invitations and even menu choices with more focus.A theme can be as simple or specific as you like — from a single color to you and your partner’s favorite obscure television show. No matter what you choose, a theme can make your wedding a memorable experience. If you want to hold a themed wedding but aren’t sure what to pick, here are eight popular wedding themes for 2019.

1. Geometric

Simple, geometric shapes are popular in design right now, and they’re also expected to be a favorite theme in upcoming weddings. Couples use three-dimensional geometric shapes as decorations, backdrops and even accents on cakes. This theme is elegant on its own, but if you want to spruce it up, you can combine gold or copper geometric shapes with floral patterns.

2. Vintage

A vintage wedding theme never goes out of style. Whether you want a simple 1940s backyard wedding or an extravagant celebration like something out of The Great Gatsby, you can tailor a vintage wedding theme to suit your taste. Furnish your wedding with vintage-inspired decorations and maybe even try out wedding dresses that match the fashion of the day.

3. Fairy Tale

The live-action Disney movies gracing the big screens in recent years may have inspired some couples to incorporate fairy tale magic into their big day. But, you don’t have to go to Disneyland to have the wedding of your dreams. Whimsical fairy tale weddings are expected to be a popular trend continuing into 2019. Whether you choose to center your theme on your favorite princess story or instead go for a more general magical ambiance, your fairy tale wedding is sure to be a hit with old and young guests alike.

4. Dark

Not everyone wants a traditional, red and white roses wedding. If you’re looking for a theme that breaks the mold, you might consider browsing dark wedding themes. Navy blue, black, plumb and burgundy are all hallmarks of this trendy style. Though some couples go all out with spooky, Gothic table settings and all-black garb, something as simple as a slightly darker color palette could give your wedding a classy, mature touch.

5. Rustic

Though some wedding planners claim rustic is one of the wedding themes on the way out, others beg to differ. Rustic charm remains a popular theme among many couples. This theme calls to mind weathered, reclaimed wood, mason jars, wildflowers and pressed white tablecloths. If you’re getting married in a gorgeous, rural setting, this might be a good theme for you.

6. Garden

A garden wedding theme is perfect for a nature-loving couple holding an outdoor wedding. This theme uses greenery as a cohesive element. Depending on your taste, you could opt to use flowers or plain greenery. Draping branches, tea candles and lush arches would make gorgeous touches. If you choose to plan a garden wedding, consider allowing the venue and season to guide you, selecting the visual elements of your design to complement the natural scenery.

7. Casual

More and more couples are exchanging the expectations of a formal wedding for a more casual, relaxed theme. Casual weddings have distinctive DIY flair. Whatever your style, you can incorporate it into a casual wedding. Usually, though, this theme includes an informal natural setting such as a backyard or field, more comfortable everyday dress and decorations draped around that look improvised instead of polished. If you’re hoping to have a budget wedding that focuses more on fun and conversation instead of tradition, this theme could be perfect for you.

8. Night

Night weddings are romantic, elegant and mysterious. For couples who want to celebrate under the stars, a night-themed wedding is a popular choice. This theme is known for its dark blue and purple hues, star motifs and classic ambiance. This wedding theme is perfect for romantic stargazers and night owls. These are just a few of the most popular wedding themes available for you to choose from. Because your wedding day is just for you, the theme you choose should reflect your style, personality and relationship. Feel free to customize your theme until you find the combination that’s just right.

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