• 01/18/2019

Homemaker Tips: 8 Habits of an Effective Homemaker

effective homemaking

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When the laundry piles up, kids are screaming and someone needs to cook dinner, the last thing on your mind is probably making a daily schedule or learning a new homemaking skill. However, following effective homemaking tips can help you plan for the next time disaster strikes and transform your homemaking skills from non-existent to incredible.

Make a Daily Schedule

Making a daily schedule is one of the easiest ways to keep your day on track. Instead of letting life happen as it goes by, planning helps you become an effective homemaker by taking control. Check your most important goals off the list every day and move any that don’t get done to the next day.

It’s important to remember that sometimes life will cause you to derail from the schedule. That’s okay. Just pick yourself up and promise to do better the next day.

Practice Active Listening

When you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to make meals and keep a house clean, it’s easy to forget about why you’re doing it. Your significant other, your kids and even your pets rely on you to communicate with them. Listen with empathy to what they’re saying.

You may have an efficient home, but effective homemakers also watch out for the other members of the family. Make sure you set aside time to be there for your kids or your spouse, even if it means getting to that load of laundry tomorrow.

Establish Manageable Priorities

Part of being an effective homemaker is realizing that you are only one person. You can’t do everything all the time, and you need to figure out what’s most important for you to get done every day. Sit down and determine which priorities are manageable and which aren’t. Do you want to bake this week or is it time to clean all the bathrooms? Do you want to sew new clothes or do you really need to meal plan? Life is all about finding the balance.

Meal Plan Every Day

Everyone has to eat, and one of the easiest ways to keep everything on track during the week is to meal plan. Meal planning makes it easy to go to the store and know exactly what ingredients you need. You can even throw everything in a crock-pot during the day to have it ready when the kids get home from school.

If you run out of ideas, try a meal service such as Blue Apron. Or you can check out different recipes on Pinterest or in recipe books to help if you’re in a meal funk.

Learn New Skills

The oldest party trick in the book is to break out a new skill, and the same applies to effective homemaking. If you want to grow as a homemaker, try studying something that challenges you. Whether it’s sewing or baking, the only way to improve at a task is to keep practicing.

Another option is to take a class in your area. Many local shops or even chain stores such as Michael’s will offer classes in everything from cake decorating to how to make homemade bread. Ask your other friends who are homemakers if they have any tips to share as well.

Organization Is Key

Everyone ends up being less efficient if things are disorganized. The same applies to your home. If you can’t find where you left all of the cleaning supplies, you’ll have to put off cleaning until you search for them or buy new options. Instead of wasting time searching for kids’ clothes or different spices, keep everything labeled and located in the same place where you can find it easily.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

If you tell yourself that you’ll clean things when you notice they get dirty, it could take weeks until you suddenly remember that you were supposed to clean that kitchen counter.

An easier option is to establish a cleaning routine. Make Monday the day the kitchen gets a deep clean and Thursday the perfect time to dust everything. That way you’ll know it’s on the schedule and that everything will be clean by the end of the week.

Start on the Right Foot

Effective homemaking starts as soon as you wake up in the morning. Get the day off to a good start by doing the little things such as making your bed, getting dressed and eating a healthy breakfast. If you need to get your body moving, exercise in the mornings and use that energy to carry you through the afternoon. Establishing a healthy morning routine will set the tone for the rest of the day.

Practice Grace

The most important part of effective homemaking is remembering to practice grace. You wear many hats as a homemaker, and it’s okay if one of those hats falls off or needs to wait until tomorrow. Instead of feeling hard on yourself, remember to fill your home with love and laughter to be the best homemaker of all.

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