• 12/28/2018

The Best Homemaking Blogs That Will Help You Get It Together

best homemaking blogs

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Being the homemaker of your household is not an easy feat. You have to think about groceries, housekeeping and running errands. If you have kids, you also have to worry about getting them to and from school and other activities. How are you supposed to get everything done and still stay sane? Luckily, you can check out some of the best homemaking blogs for tips, tricks and creative ideas to make your life easier. Here are seven of the best homemaking blogs to inspire you.

Humorous Homemaking

Life’s too short to take everything so seriously. Sometimes, those DIY Pinterest projects and organization tips are so complex, they only seem to take up more of your time. This site makes the list for best homemaking blogs because it focuses on simplicity. It highlights stress-free tips for making your life less hectic. Humorous Homemaking is the best blog for moms and homemakers looking for effortless cooking tips, budgeting tools and more.

The Peaceful Mom

With a focus on the art of de-cluttering and practicing mindfulness, The Peaceful Mom is one of the best homemaking blogs for moms who need to take a breather and relax. You’ll find content that outlines the importance of keeping your home beautiful and organized as a way to streamline your life. With a little bit of planning and time management, your home will quickly become a calmer, more comfortable place.

3 Boys and a Dog

For homemaking moms also taking on the responsibility of homeschooling the kids, you’re adding several more items to your daily to-do list. 3 Boys and a Dog is the all-encompassing homemaking blog for moms who double as teachers. From suggestions for family fun, green living and home decor to tips on homeschooling and health, you’d be hard-pressed to think of a homemaking topic this blog hasn’t covered.

The Healthy Home Economist

Eating healthy is extremely important to many people. If it’s a priority in your home, The Healthy Home Economist is the best homemaking blog for you. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan or focus on clean eating, you’ll find plenty of recipes for any occasion. You can even get help with making a shopping list that will stock your entire pantry and fridge without breaking the bank. They also post cooking videos, so you can follow along as you prepare a healthy meal.

The Prudent Homemaker

If you’re wondering how to make your home beautiful on a budget, check out The Prudent Homemaker. Whether you’re upgrading the interior or exterior of your house, this blog has plenty of tips for you to do it without spending too much. Blogger Brandy provides unique, clever ideas for sprucing up your garden area. Landscaping doesn’t have to be the costly, time-consuming undertaking we all assume it is. On top of this, she has tons of suggestions for how to save at the grocery store, so you have more money to put toward homemaking projects. She feeds her entire family of nine with a budget of $100 a month!

This Old House

Sometimes, the layout of your home isn’t functional for your family, whether that’s because your clan is growing or you’ve recently moved into a different house. This Old House is the best homemaking blog for families looking to remodel their houses or make other large-scale improvements. From videos to lists of ideas to increase the functionality of your home, there’s no project this site can’t help you plan and complete to the best of your abilities.

Fab Working Mom Life

If you’re juggling a career and motherhood, Fab Working Mom Life is one of the best homemaking blogs for you to subscribe to. In her posts, Julie stresses the importance of being fully present at work and at home and learning how to do it gracefully. Follow along with her to get helpful tips on raising toddlers, advancing your career and still managing to take time for self-care.

Find the Best Homemaking Blogs For You

After browsing some of the best homemaking blogs, you may feel overwhelmed with ideas you could implement around your house. The critical thing to remember is that not every tip will apply to you or your family’s lifestyle. And that’s OK. Keep a document of suggestions that resonate with you as you read these blogs. And give yourself plenty of time to work on each one. Homemaking is a marathon, not a sprint!

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