• 12/29/2023

8 Best Makeup Mirrors to Unlock Your Inner Glow

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Whether you’re looking for a light-up travel mirror or the perfect traffic bestie for your last-minute touch-ups, this list has eight of the best makeup mirrors on the market. 

How To Choose the Best Makeup Mirror

There are hundreds of makeup mirrors on the market with several different features, lighting options and styles. The key to choosing the perfect one is focusing on two essential elements: light and magnification. The rest is up to your style and desires. 

Light: You’ll see that most makeup mirrors in this list come with three light settings (cold, natural, and warm). While It’s up to you to decide which setting to use, it’s convenient to know that three are available to test your makeup look for different situations.  

Magnification: Gone are the days of hunching over a hand mirror or standing super close to the bathroom mirror. You can now get mirrors with different magnification levels. You can choose between 3x to 5x magnification to apply winged eyeliner perfectly or focus on perfecting your eyebrows. Generally, 10x to 15x are for contact lenses and tweezing. 

1. For the Glam-Girl: fancii Monroe

You will fall in love with this stunning 2in1 Hollywood mirror. With Omni-glow technology that gives you even light distribution, you’ll get perfect eyebrows and even contouring in half the time. At 31”, it’s big enough to show every detail. You would think it’s a heavy mirror, but at 0.59 inches wide, its three times more lightweight than other Hollywood mirrors on the market. This makes it easy to move around, so you can put it on your vanity table or mount it on the wall. It also has a 5-year warranty, so you can count on the quality and have peace of mind. 

Fancii really thought about every woman’s experience with this mirror. It has a USB-C port to charge your phone while you get ready– perfect for those nights when you need to update your girlfriends for a night out. 

$68.61 from fancii 

2. For the Skincare Guru: Joybos Makeup Storage Organizer

Although the Joybos mirror is primarily a vanity box, it deserves makeup mirror points for its versatility. Whether you’re a lipstick collector or have a 10-step skincare routine, you’ll love the space it provides. It has two structured storage compartments with enough space to fit all your favorite skincare and makeup. The best part? It has a built-in fan to air-dry your skin before applying serums and moisturizers. If you have sensitive skin, air drying can prevent redness and bacteria and improve your moisturizer’s absorption. 

The mirror has three dimmable light modes and rotates on a 360-degree swivel to view your skin at any angle. It comes with a USB charger, making it convenient to take the box with you on a trip or for some last-minute touch-ups at the office before the end-of-year party. 

The cosmetic storage box itself is made of durable material and comes in three colors, so you can choose one that matches your bathroom aesthetic.

$89.95 from Joybos

3. For the Influencer: Ilios Beauty Ring 

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and lighting experts designed Beauty Ring to give you the best filming conditions for content creation. It has a built-in ring light, USB charge and an adjustable phone holder. 

The light mimics true daylight using light diffusion, which helps you to see every detail when you want to blend your eyeshadow and create a smoother look. The mirror has two sides, a regular side and a 5x magnified side if you need to see more clearly. When you’re done applying your makeup, you can remove the mirror and start filming. You have five brightness settings and three color modes for photography, makeup, skincare and the occasional live. 

$259 from Bestbuy 

4. For the Socialite: Kintion Pocket Mirror 

This mirror is an Amazon bestseller and it’s easy to see why. It’s lightweight, slim, and has built-in lights for quick checkups in dimly lit areas. As soon as you flip Kinton open, it lights up. You can adjust the light brightness with the touch of a button, and it lasts for 3-12 hours on a single charge. 

$12.99 on Amazon

5. For the Traffic MUA: Eveco Sun Visor Mirror 

Eveco recently made an upgrade to this mirror. If you’re familiar with the brand, you’ll be happy to know that you can now charge the battery instead of plugging in the mirror when you want to use the lights. 

It has the standard lighting modes and step-less dimming for smooth transitions when you adjust the brightness. It also has a convenient memory function that saves your last brightness and color settings so it won’t take another 10 minutes to get the perfect lighting when you need it. The mirror’s universal size is suitable for most car sun visors. All you will need to do is attach it with the adjustable velcro. 

$19 from Amazon

6. For the Jetsetter: Trifold Easehold 

This might just be the best travel mirror on the market. With three sides, each with separate magnification levels (1x, 2x, 3x and 10x), you can always see your makeup from every angle. It has softer light than most mirrors, making it more comfortable for long-term use. Although it’s a mirror, you can also use it as ambient light or a desk lamp if you need to. 

Easehold rotates 90 degrees and has a detachable base tray to put your lipstick and earrings in preparation for the final touches. When you’re ready for your next location, simply fold it away and pack it in your suitcase. 

$27 from Amazon 

7. For the Meticulous: fancii VERA+LARA

Vera and Lara are like mother and daughter. Vera is a luxurious LED-light mirror and Lara sits just above her, waiting to give you 10x magnification for the perfect eyebrow tweeze. They’re the perfect duo for a stunning makeup look. With Tru-Glow, the world’s most color-accurate lighting system, you can be sure your makeup will look great in any situation. Designers crafted Tru-Glow to simulate the full-color spectrum of natural sunlight, giving you a super accurate color-corrected view of your face before leaving the house. 

$93.75 from fancii

8. For the High-Tech Babe: Chiclew 

Chiclew won the German Design Award IF for excellent design. It’s a sturdy, ergonomic mirror built to last. The mirror is double-sided with 1x and 10x magnification and has ultra-reflective distortion-free glass that produces a clear picture. The mirror rotates 360 degrees and stands on a thick, non-slip base, so you never have to worry about holding it to the perfect angle.

The natural daylight LED light is fully adjustable. You use the touch-activated slider to find your desired brightness and voila! Perfect natural light to reflect the color of your eyeshadow and blush perfectly. 

$31.99 from Amazon

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