• 01/05/2022

7 Tips to Keep Fake Nails On Longer


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Whether you’re a regular user of the plastic manicure or you’ve just begun to do your own nails with a bit more than polish, keeping fake nails on for a long period of time can sometimes feel like a challenge. Unlike acrylics or gel tips, false nails sit on top of the natural nail to create the appearance of longer nails, and they’re usually made of plastic and adhered with a strong glue. Although they sometimes have been known to pop off at inopportune times, you can absolutely find ways to protect your fake nails from damage so they stay on as long as possible. Here are a few tips that can lead you in that direction.

Keep Your Nail Glue On You

This one is a bit more of a practical tip, but keeping your nail glue on you at all times can help you stay strapped in case something pops off. One of the primary culprits of missing manicures is losing the nails you have, so making sure that you can put them right back on if things go south can be a lifesaver both stylishly and in terms of organization. 

Moisturize Your Cuticles

Keeping your nails healthy underneath and ensuring that your cuticles are attractive and moisturized can not only help keep your fake nails on for longer, but it can also help ensure that your nails look great as they grow out and last a while. As your nails grow out further, the cuticles can tend to naturally fold, but by keeping them moisturized and soft, you can make sure that you aren’t calling attention to the gap and between the nail bed and the nail itself, helping it look more natural. 

Protect Your Hands

Another common tip that’s worth mentioning is that it’s best practice to protect your hands as much as possible. Whether your job and daily activities are a bit more intense or you have a light load on your hands, being mindful of the wear and tear on your nails themselves can be exactly what you need to keep your nails on for a little longer. Washing your hands in lukewarm water, not doing any strenuous activities and retouching when needed can be exactly what you need to keep your nails on longer.

Put Them On at Night

Although this might sound a bit odd, putting your fake nails on at night can actually be a great way to set yourself up for a long lasting nail journey. When you apply fake nails before you go to bed, you don’t have to go about your day and perform tasks as they dry. Instead, putting fake nails on before bed and allowing them to set overnight gives them time to set properly without interference, giving the glue a stronger hold. Although this doesn’t always mean a longer lasting set of nails every time — especially if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep — it can be a great way to get off to a great start.

Apply to Clean Nails

Although it might be tempting to stick fake nails over chipped polish or remaining glue from last time, applying fake nails onto clean, filed nails is important when filling out that plastic manicure. When applying the glue for your fake nails, having a flat and smooth surface is the key to making it stick — this is because having chipped polish or remaining glue can create ridges and bumps that make your nails pop off faster. 

Do Your Thumbs Last

Since you use your thumbs for so many things, having a steady hand to apply the rest of your set is crucial. This is why it can help to do your thumbs last. Not only does this help keep your hand steady, but it can also prevent you from getting excess glue on the tops of your nails, which can throw off the aesthetic and the quality of your manicure. 

Remove Gently

Speaking to the clean, healthy nails that help with the longevity of a set underneath, removing your fake nails gently — usually by soaking them in acetone — can help set you up for the kinds of nails you need underneath to do the whole process over again. Especially if you plan to do this frequently, having a careful removal process can make a huge difference.

Keeping Fake Nails on Longer

Keeping your fake nails on for as long as possible is a challenge — but a glamorous and worthwhile one at that. Whether you want to savor the treat or keep doing it over and over again, there are so many great methods you can try out.

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