• 04/01/2022

10 Ideas for a Black and White Wedding Gown


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Whether you love the class of color contrasts or you’re simply a fan of heading over to the dark side, incorporating a little — or a lot — of the darker hues into your wedding dress can be a great way to express your style and personality. No matter what your reasoning is, black and white wedding gowns are simply another option for you to explore as you search for the dress of your dreams! Black and white wedding dresses can go in a variety of stylistic directions, and you can absolutely try out any number of styles on your journey to your perfect walk down the aisle. Here are a few ideas for black and white wedding gowns to look into.

Lace Detailing

Lace is a great way to blend multiple colors in a single garment — including black and white. Often, this comes in the form of a white dress with black lace detailing, but it can absolutely work the other way around, too. This can be especially gorgeous on slightly more off-white dresses.

Going Sheer

Black and white sheer fabrics can blend especially well together, and playing with the layers and textures can be a great way to balance this. Having a sheer overlay to accent a dress that primarily relies on one color can give you just the right amount of spice!

Letting Things Sparkle

One of the best ways to balance black and white within the same wedding gown is by including a bit of sparkle in the mix. Especially when combined with some of the other elements like lace or layering, sparkle can make your whole wedding look a bit more ethereal and glamorous. 

Classy Belt

Whether you’re all in black and want a pop of white or the other way around, adding a belt can be the perfect way to balance your pop of color with the rest of your ensemble. Not only is it a simple, classy touch, but it can also be extremely flattering for the silhouette of so many gowns. 

Black Veil

If you already have an all-white dress but you still want a little pop of darkness, you can absolutely go for a bit of accessorizing with a black veil. This can add the gothic touch you’re looking for while also keeping with the theme of the classic white dress.

Black Gloves

If you’d rather go more old Hollywood than gothic, look no further than a pair of black gloves to pair with your white wedding gown. Not only can this bring a sense of class and glam, but it can also work as a versatile addition, as you can take them off if you want to change up your look.

Color Blocking

Jumping back to two-toned dresses, using color blocking can be a unique and striking choice for your wedding day. Color blocked dresses can do so much for your figure and your style, and they’re extremely fun and intriguing. Plus, you can shop for your dress in a variety of places, as color blocked dresses of all kinds can work for your wedding — you may even find that you can save a bit of money by shopping in a variety of places.

Incorporating the Flowers

When it comes to the accessories, there’s one element that you may not have thought about yet, and that’s the floral arrangements. Even though the floral arrangements are often thought of as decorations rather than accessories, brides still hold them when walking down the aisle, and it can be completely gorgeous and stunning to hold onto an entirely black and white bouquet. Use it to match or contrast the dress — it’s totally up to you.

Layered Pieces

Layers can be a great way to show a little bit of style and dynamic movement, regardless of the colors you’re working with. However, if you are looking to balance black-and-white, doing it with layers and different fabric options can be a great choice.

All Black Everything

Okay, this one might be breaking the rules a little bit. But for those who love the color black, you may want to consider tuning out any outside opinions of what wedding dresses are supposed to be. If you’re thinking about black and white simply to satisfy those who want to see you in white, who cares? Go for the black dress of your dreams and live your best life!

Black n White Wedding Gown Ideas

There are so many ways that you can express your personal style through your wedding dress, and the color is absolutely one of them. Add in a little — or a lot — of darkness to that classic bridal flair and see where the magic takes you!

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