• 09/29/2022

Where to Sell Your Wedding Dress


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Wedding dresses are expensive, especially since you only wear them once. Some brides store their dresses for sentimental reasons after the ceremony, while others prefer to make some money while helping another bride. That being said, it can be hard to figure out where to sell your wedding dress.

You can sell it online if you’re looking to recoup some of your dress cost. There are many online platforms, but you’ll want a site that’s safe to use and makes you good money. 

Here are four websites where you can sell your dress to another bride with little hassle. 

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed (NN) coordinates the resell of your wedding dress without interfering with the shipping process. 

You can list your wedding dress on the website for a $20 listing fee and a 30% commission. Brides can search their options and pay you for the dress through the NN site. You will receive payment either through PayPal or check. 

You then ship the dress directly to the new bride, decreasing the chance of any mailing errors. The NN team will check with the purchaser to ensure they received the dress. 

The biggest perk of NN is its straightforward process. They have set fees, provide an easy payment option and allow you to ship to the bride. 


BravoBride provides a platform that gives you and the buyer freedom to control the sale.

For a $10 listing fee, you can add your dress to the site. As the seller, you can choose the price – BravoBride doesn’t take a commission – and how you’d like to receive the payment. You can also decide whether you or the bride will cover shipping. 

Once a bride purchases it, you’ll ship the dress directly to the seller, and you’re good to go. 

The biggest perks of BravoBride are its low cost and flexibility. 


Stillwhite is a website that offers you a premium option to get your dress sold faster. 

The site doesn’t take commission and has a standard listing fee of $20. However, you can pay and extra $10 to have your dress featured on its homepage for the week, making it more visible to brides. 

You’ll receive payment through PayPal, and the buyer pays the shipping cost. You then ship the dress directly to the bride. 

The premium option is one of the most significant advantages of this site, with the possibility of selling your dress more quickly. 


PreOwnedWeddingDresses is a website that provides a handy value calculator to give you a fair selling price. 

You can list your dress for a $25 fee, and the site doesn’t take any commission from your selling price. The bride pays through PayPal and covers the cost of you shipping it to them. 

An advantage of this site is its Google ranking, making it more likely for a bride to come across your dress.

Selling Your Wedding Dress

Selling your wedding dress is a great way to recoup some of its cost while helping out another bride-to-be. 

When you choose to sell your wedding dress, there are many different options. If you’re looking to sell it online, one website can help you with a little hassle. 

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