• 02/14/2022

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Planner?

An open notebook contains a wedding planner's notes.

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Planning your wedding may feel exciting at first, but it can quickly become overwhelming. When brides need to create a budget, invite guests and communicate with vendors, they often consider getting a wedding planner to handle all the details. You’ll likely wonder about the average price of a wedding planner to determine if they’re worth a significant portion of your budget. Read on to learn why a wedding planner could be your best wedding investment, and how much you might need to pay.

What Is the Average Price of a Wedding Planner?

The average price of a wedding planner ranges from $2,000-10,000 for their service packages, though the price may change for each wedding. A New York wedding may cost more than a Kansas wedding to cover the cost of living for the planner, but you’ll also save money if you invite 20 people rather than 80. 

You’ll also have to consider what you want them to plan. They could pull together your bridal shower and rehearsal dinner in addition to your wedding, which racks up how many hours they’ll work. Some planners also come with a venue’s rental fees, so you can combine the two to save money.

What Is a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner isn’t a calendar or even an app. Planners are experts at navigating the world of weddings and usually have years of experience. They’ll be by your side every step of the way until you reach the altar. Finding the right planner could make your experience much easier if your personalities and planning preferences work together naturally.

A wedding planner will keep track of the details of your wedding.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

After scheduling a meeting with a wedding planner, what can you expect from their consult? They’ll explain everything they include within their planning packages, which will consist of standard services like these.

They Provide a Planning Timeline

Creating a timeline is the best way to simplify your wedding planning experience. You’ll use it to schedule every essential detail, like when to start shopping for your dress or book a florist. You may not know how to do that if you’ve never helped with a wedding or even attended one, so a planner will provide a timeline they use with their clients to keep you on track for your preferred date.

They Coordinate With Vendors

Wedding planners almost always have existing relationships with local business owners who specialize in wedding services. They’ll find out who’s available for your big day and can help with your preferred style, like if you want vendors for an elopement or a backyard reception. Planners may also use their professional ties to get discounts, which may help stretch your budget.

They Help During Your Wedding Day

Depending on what you need, your planner may show up early on your wedding day and be your representative. If the caterer wants directions for setting up or guests are confused about where to sit, your planner will handle every problem so you can enjoy getting ready with your bridal party.

Do Brides Need Wedding Planners?

Are wedding planners essential? They aren’t a required part of getting married, but they definitely make the process easier. You might be able to handle everything if you want an at-home ceremony with only a few people and one or two vendors. A planner becomes more of a necessity if you’re getting married away from home.

If you’re having a destination wedding, a local planner will better understand which businesses and venues are in your budget. They’ll also visit locations like photoshoot properties or hotels for your guests and give you the rundown. This helps save you the costs of numerous plane tickets before your big day. 

How Can You Plan Your Own Wedding?

If you’re reading about the average cost of a wedding planner and panicking about your tight budget, don’t worry. Brides plan their weddings all the time, so use these tips to get started.

Set Up a Timeline

Pick your ceremony date and look at how many weeks or months you have until that date. Have a good calendar and physical planner or notebook to keep track of everything. Make a rough timeline for contacting vendors as early as possible to check if they’re free on your big day. You should also give yourself a few months to find a dress, leave time for shipping and work in an alteration trip or two. These are the two most important steps when it comes to your wedding timeline. Everything else will depend on when you’re free to finalize the more minor details.

Meet With Potential Vendors

It’s always wise to meet with numerous vendors and compare their quotes. A stylist may charge a bit more than you expected, but they could be worth the cost if they include services like a trial run and a discount on bridal party beauty treatments. You’ll know you’ve found the right vendors when you feel comfortable signing a contract after comparing their packages and fees.

Ask for Help

Don’t forget that you can always ask loved ones for help before, during and after your ceremony. They can help you store supplies, handle the day-of coordination with vendors and even save your gifts until you’re back from your honeymoon. They’ll step in and take on many of your planner’s responsibilities without the hefty price tag.

Consider the Average Price of a Wedding Planner

Paying for a wedding planner isn’t necessary to have an incredible ceremony and reception, but they make life much easier. Consider what you most need from a planner and compare it with their package quotes to determine if you should spend your money on their services or plan the entire day on your own.

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