• 07/26/2023

What Is My Moon Sign? Uncovering Your Hidden Side

what is your moon sign

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There’s much more to astrology than checking your horoscope on your favorite news app. What you see in the media typically only addresses your sun sign. However, multiple planets and celestial objects synchronize with your birth, including our closest neighbor. What is your moon sign, and what does it mean? 

Like the mysterious orb in the nighttime sky, your moon sign rules the obscure. Its influence might remain a secret, even to you, for life. However, it’s possible to learn about its effect on your life. 

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of yourself? Here’s how to find out what your moon sign is and what it means. 

Your Moon Sign: What It Is and What It Governs 

People have long associated the moon with feelings like longing and romance. Perhaps it isn’t surprising that this celestial body governs your unseen emotional life, the energy flowing beneath the surface that influences your outward behavior. Sometimes, these forces may remain mysterious even to you — how many times have you acted impulsively, only to end up questioning, “Why did I do that?” 

Your moon sign reflects the placement of the moon in the zodiac based on the place and date of your birth. It may help explain why your horoscope often seems inaccurate. For example, someone with a sun sign in Virgo with a Pisces moon may organize their desk but have a chaotic personal life that belies their presumed orderly existence. 

How to Find Your Moon Sign 

Finding your moon sign is as simple as using one of the many online calculators — simply type “calculate my moon sign” into Google. You’ll also need to gather the following information:

  • Date of birth: Including the year.
  • Time of birth: While you can use an estimate, you’ll get the greatest accuracy if you know the correct time. After all, the moon moves more quickly than other celestial bodies, changing signs every two and a half days. 
  • Place of birth: City and state. 

Enter this data into the calculator, and you’ll get your results. 

Other methods of finding out what your moon sign is include having your astrological chart cast by a professional astrologer. You can also DIY, although the process takes a little time and patience to master. If you’re interested in expanding your astrology knowledge, the following books can help:

  • The Complete Guide to Astrology: Understanding Yourself, Your Signs and Your Birth Chart: Louise Edington 
  • The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need: Joanna Martine Woolfolk
  • Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life: Carole Taylor 

Characteristics of the 12 Moon Signs 

The general characteristics of the 12 signs remain unchanging — what matters is what house they fall into in your chart. Remember, the moon governs your emotions and subconscious motivations. Therefore, it softens some of the outside manifestations of your sun sign, referring to a more subtle, internal process. 

1. Aries

People with an Aries moon marry an active, inquisitive mind with impulsivity. If you ever wondered if you might have undiagnosed ADHD even if no teacher ever suggested it, it could be your moon sign. While you might appear outwardly calm and focused, behind your eyes your mind jumps from idea to idea like a parkour athlete crossing obstacles with ease. 

You also have a strong independent streak and love to come in first place. You’re naturally assertive and unafraid to voice your opinions. 

2. Taurus

If you have a moon sign in Taurus, your steady, healthy mental state calms many people around you. You’re generally down-to-earth with a deep love of home and family. 

However, you’re also a lover of sensual indulgences. Much like a hobbit, you cherish good food, good friends and positive surroundings. You can develop considerable distress if forced into a strange environment that doesn’t feel like home. 

3. Gemini 

A Gemini moon indicates a dualistic nature. You may swing between extremes of elation and despair. However, your moodiness is tempered by a genuine love of others and stimulating dialogue, letting you open up about your feelings to get the support you need. 

You thrive best among people who think like you do. You’re often quite social. However, you also need occasional alone time to recover your spark. 

4. Cancer

The ultimate nurturing sign, those with a cancer moon will do anything for their families and those they love. On the downside, they can have an intense fear of abandonment that sometimes leads to erratic behaviors. 

If you have a moon sign in cancer, you’re incredibly empathic and tuned into how others feel. Although you may gravitate toward caring professions, take care to guard against burnout — it’s easy for you to become too emotionally invested in the lives of those in your charge. 

5. Leo

Do people often tell you that you have a flair for the dramatic? If so, it could be your leo moon. You love attention and need the reactions and feedback of others to feel at your best. 

People with a Leo moon often identify as extroverts. However, the dark side of this moon sign is that you may demand too much attention, especially when facing adversity. Remember, it’s okay to lean on others for support, but you also have a deep well of strength within yourself to power through tough times. 

6. Virgo 

People with a Virgo moon sign are happiest when they have a problem to solve. They gravitate toward scientific fields, but this placement in their chart gives them a hefty dose of empathy. Therefore, you’ll often find moon-virgoans working in medicine. 

Virgos love mental stimulation and feeling helpful. However, they can feel off-kilter when other people don’t behave in predictable ways. They do well to remember that not everything fits into their idealistic worldview — and that’s okay. 

7. Libra 

The scales are greatly concerned with justice, and those with this moon sign have a keen idea of what’s fair and what’s not. They treasure equality and balanced relationships with others. 

However, people with this moon sign also value harmony. Therefore, they aren’t the sort to enter into heated conflicts. They’re more likely to simply walk away from people and situations that cause them too much internal turmoil. 

8. Scorpio

Those with a Scorpio moon can come off as the silent, mysterious type — unless you make it into their inner circle. These folks are strong on the “soulmate” idea, and you will find out how deep their rivers run if you enter into a close relationship. 

Unfortunately, this moon sign can be a bit unstable. Although they may get moody at times, they’re rarely intentionally cruel, and their loyalty is unwavering. 

11. Sagittarius

Fun Sagittarius is the opposite of Scorpio’s moodiness. However, they’re easily prone to boredom. People with this moon sign crave constant emotional stimulation, which can result in them having a wide circle of friends. 

However, people with this moon sign prefer to avoid heavy topics. Strong emotions often lead them to seek new experiences to distract themselves from inner turmoil. 

10. Capricorn

Capricorn is a steady sign that’s not prone to wide mood swings. However, they can be a bit rigid in their emotional expression, which can hinder them from forming close relationships with others. They may appear distant and aloof. 

Those with a Capricorn moon often identify as introverts. They need significant time alone to recharge, which some people misinterpret as a melancholy temperament. 

11. Aquarius 

Aquarius can seem like the life of the party. They genuinely enjoy sharing ideas with others and their varied interests give them multiple topics of conversation. 

However charming they may seem, moon-aquarians maintain a strong sense of autonomy. They may resist attempts to tie them down, leaving others wondering if they have a fear of commitment. 

12. Pisces

People with a moon sign in Pisces are the artists, musicians and writers of the zodiac. They have a deep-seated emotional need for creative expression and will feel stifled, quickly growing depressed if stuck too long in mundane tasks. 

Moon-Pisceans feel and love deeply but may struggle to express their emotions through traditional gestures. They’re more likely to pen an ode in your honor than show up with a sparkly engagement ring. 

What Is My Moon Sign? 

Knowing what your moon sign is deepens your knowledge of astrology. There’s much more to it than what you see in popular media.

Use the above tips to discover what your moon sign is. Uncover your personality’s hidden side. 

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