• 07/22/2020

The 7 Best Travel Podcasts To Give You Itchy Feet

best travel podcasts

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With the restrictions in place surrounding Covid-19, many people around the world are experiencing an unprecedented lack of freedom to roam. Cue rampant wanderlust, as most people’s imaginations run wild with big dreams. Whether it’s relaxing with the sun, sea and sand or bushwhacking through a tropical jungle, exploring European cities by day to soak in the architecture and culture or exploring European cities by night on the dance floor. We’re all getting itchy feet right now. Scratch the wanderlust itch with the best travel podcasts and get some big ideas for your next adventure.

The Travel Diaries With Holly Rubenstein

The UK’s most popular travel podcast has presenter Holly Rubenstein discussing travel life with her celebrity guests. The Travel Diaries is like a Desert Island Discs, but instead of discussing the songs that shaped their life, it uses travel as a way to build mini-biographies for the podcast’s guests. Michael Palin, Dev Patel and the explorer Ranulph Fiennes are just some of the globetrotting guests Rubenstein has on the show. It always produces fascinating, inspiring tales.

Zero To Travel

Zen To Travel is one of the best podcasts out there for those with an adventurous spirit. Host Jason Moore builds these insightful and exciting interviews with the most go-getting guests you can imagine. From round-the-world sailing to pony-trekking across the Gobi desert, these aren’t your typical weekend getaways. The podcast is always packed with tips for the practical traveler too – exciting and informative.

Travel Genius

Travel Genius, co-presented by Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood is an incredible resource for the world traveler. Each episode features with tricks and tips to help you get more out of traveling. It’s a user-friendly podcast whose mission to turn its listeners into travel geniuses makes it endlessly valuable. Unmissable travel hacks such as flight upgrades or letting your pet tag along will change the way you adventure forever.

On She Goes

If you’re sick of gap-year culture as Westerners flood deprived parts of the world looking for the perfect Instagram snaps and a story to tell upon return, then this woke podcast is up your street. This podcast aims to empower women of color to get their boots on and travel. Whilst it covers topics such as food, culture, wine and traveling tips, it doesn’t shy away from heavier subjects such as racism. This podcast is the real deal and we all have something to learn from it.

You Should Have Been There

Laid-back tales of traveling adventures! This podcast is co-hosted by respected journalists Simon Calder and Mick Webb. They’ll have you laughing along as they regale you with their travel adventures. It’s got that conversational tone that’ll make you feel like you’re down the pub catching up with old friends. You’ll wish you had been there, and start planning your own adventures.

JUMP With Traveling Jackie

Aka The Budget-Minded Traveller. Jackie is no stranger to global travel. Her podcasts are full of tips for getting off the tourist trails and discovering the unknown. Her exploits are awe-inspiring and are sure to get you looking up flights as Jackie’s adventures into far-flung corners of the globe are revealed. She offers loads of tips, especially for those traveling on a budget. You even have the opportunity to “Ask Jackie” with the regular Q&A sessions that form part of the podcast. 

Our Americana

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of Americans don’t have a passport, but with the diversity of the USA on your doorstep, why leave. Our Americana is the podcast for the domestic traveler, as you follow host Josh Hallmark on a six-month road trip through the heart of the USA. Inspiring stuff in here! Getting stuck into these podcasts from the comfort of your armchair will be sure to have you planning your next adventure, and with the tips and hacks and hidden gems you’ll find within them they’ll take you further than ever before. 

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