• 01/25/2023

Solo Travel in the U.K.: 6 Places to Visit

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The U.K. is full of incredible destinations for a memorable solo vacation. There are historic sights, bustling cities and plenty of adventures awaiting you, but where should you start? Check out some of the best places to solo travel in the U.K.

1. Norfolk

Numerous adventures await in Norfolk. It’s home to the Sandringham Estate castle, which is home to the royal family and offers tours when they aren’t in residence. The countryside county also has quiet beaches, museums, piers and rentable estates. All you have to do is catch a train out of London and ride for around three hours to reach your destination.

2. Dublin

See some Irish sights by planning a trip to Dublin. It’s one of the oldest parts of the U.K. and has many things to do. After touring distilleries and breweries, you could take a selfie at the Spire of Dublin, walk through ancient cathedrals or hike the grassy hillsides with picturesque views. 

Don’t forget your trusted camera and carrying case, since you’ll want plenty of pictures to remember your trip. If you travel light by fitting everything in a backpack, you could fly or travel by train for a quick trip that you’ll never forget.

3. Bristol

Bristol is the best place for solo travelers in the U.K. who like to stay busy. It’s a lively city with shops, cafes and historical sites ready to fill your itinerary. Travelers also love browsing the regularly updated street art while on walking tours or relaxing on a boat trip before having fun in the city’s lively nightlife scene. You can do all the fun things in the city by fitting them into your budget before leaving home.

4. Brighton

You may want to visit Brighton one day because it’s the setting for many Sherlock Holmes mysteries. The city won’t disappoint whenever you arrive. The thriving town is a posh destination for people craving time at seaside resorts or seeking an eclectic destination full of the arts, welcoming festivals and laid-back nightlife scenes. Pack a pair of trusted walking shoes in your travel essentials kit since you won’t want to miss out on the many fun things to do on every block.

5. Rye

Head back in time by planning a quaint getaway to Rye. The British countryside town features antique shops, locally owned businesses and pubs that line cobblestone streets. You could pass the rainy afternoons while writing or reading in cafes before watching the sunset on the endless Camber Sands beaches nearby. 

If you’re into birdwatching or want to try the popular hobby, Rye should be at the top of your travel bucket list. Birdwatches fly or ride a train in from global cities because you can see rare birds with high-quality binoculars and a guide to local species.

6. Cornwall

Cornwall has some of the warmest and clearest beach waters in the U.K., so consider stopping by when you want to swim. After you feel waterlogged, you could hike the oceanfront cliffs, attend the famous local festivals or tour Tintagel Castle, the birthplace of King Arthur and the roundtable legends.

Enjoy Your U.K. Solo Travel Plans

London isn’t the only option for solo travel in the U.K. You could also visit these incredible destinations for a fun trip. They have a little bit of everything, so they keep everyone entertained. Consider what you want to experience during your upcoming adventure to match your bucket list with the best solo travel U.K. cities, counties or regions.

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