• 02/17/2023

Rose Gold Wedding Theme Ideas


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Rose gold adds a beautiful pink hue to more traditional gold or silver wedding bands. Like silver and gold, rose gold goes with almost everything making it a versatile and timeless option for weddings. Rose gold can be incorporated into your wedding theme in many ways and give your day a little more sparkle and shine than conventional colors. 

Colorful Invitations

If you’re going to have a rose gold-themed wedding, you should start by incorporating the chic color into your invitations. What girl doesn’t want sparkly and shiny gold glitter on their wedding day? Now add a pink hue to that golden glitter and hear all females from everywhere squeal with delight. 

Rose gold is an exquisite color that doesn’t need added glitter to make it shine. The color speaks for itself. Find some rose gold invitations and personalize them to match your personality and your future spouse’s. You could opt for a white invitation and incorporate rose gold into the calligraphy to add just a touch of elegance to your invites. 

Creative Decor

Incorporating rose gold wedding decor can be a subtle way to make the rest of the colors in your wedding pop. Choosing colors that go well with rose gold can accentuate them and make them dazzling to look at. Imagine putting some radiant flowers into a dull vase and taking away a little of their radiance. 

Rose gold decor has an adverse effect. It can add an element of chicness to the most mundane landscape and scenery. You can incorporate rose gold into your ceremony and reception in many ways. You could use rose gold vases for your flowers, lettering on your signs, candle holders and rose gold accents in your photo props.

Rose gold spray paint exists, so don’t worry about spending a fortune trying to weave the color into your minor details. Many DIY options are available for tying this color into your decor. A rose gold wedding arch is another way to bring this color into the mix and create a to-die-for ambiance in your ceremony. 

Rose Gold Reception Ideas

Rose gold reception has a nice ring, don’t you think? Can you picture livening up your tablecloths with rose gold centerpieces or runners on your reception dinner tables? Well, it’s breathtaking. Table settings like place cards and silverware are another great idea to add rose gold into your reception. Rose gold napkin holders can make essential and typically tedious items look appealing. Opt for a rose gold napkin holder if you aren’t keen on that idea. 

Another excellent way to use rose gold on your reception decor is to add decoration to your dining chairs. You could purchase or rent rose-tinted chairs or use drapery to customize and decorate them. Creamy beige and pink flower arrangements look so pretty with rose gold accents. 

The deep green hue of the stems of flowers accentuates the rose gold in the same way the rose gold brings out the hidden shades and undertones in the flowers. Find colors that work with rose gold and tie everything together with a pretty bow on top. 

Your Rose Gold Wedding

Rose gold is easy to integrate into every aspect of your wedding. With its versatility, you could get away with adding hints of it here and there throughout your decor just to accent certain elements. Rose gold is the prettiest shade of gold and is waiting to help you bring your wedding inspiration dreams to life. 

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