• 02/10/2023

What Are The Most Popular Months For Weddings?


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Finding the perfect time of year for your wedding is essential to your planning process. Depending on you and your significant other’s preferences, a specific time of year will fit your needs best. Certain times of the year are more popular than others. 

Here are the most popular months for weddings and why. 

Most Popular Months For Weddings

The most popular months for weddings are from May to October. Most people consider this time during the wedding planning process since it is the year’s warmer months. 

September, June and October are sweet spots out of this time range since they typically have the most weddings. Summer and fall are beautiful times to have weddings due to the sunshine, warm weather and colorful environment.  

Why They Are Popular

There is a reason that these are the most popular months for weddings. For example, September is a stunning month since the heat of the summer is transitioning to a cool fall environment. This allows the perfect temperature for an outdoor wedding and endless color themes to follow. 

In the fall months, you can choose from many vibrant colors that leave you and your guest indulging in the warm and cozy feelings fall brings. There are options from deep maroons to burnt orange to display the elegant colors of the fall. 

The summer months of May to July provide a bright and warm wedding atmosphere. You can enjoy pops of summer colors like yellows and greens. If you and your significant other prefer the summer heat, this is the best time. You’ll want to consider summer safety precautions since the air quality and heat can be harmful to certain groups of people. 

Other Things to Consider 

Consider some of these things if you are still trying to choose between the most popular months for weddings. 

Think about if you want to have an indoor or outdoor reception or ceremony. In the summer, bugs will be out and about. Many people don’t want to worry about a bug problem if they plan to spend most of their time outdoors. 

If you don’t want to worry about bugs or excessive heat in the summer, you can go for a fall month wedding. You don’t have to keep everything indoors or outdoors either. You can have a mix of your reception and ceremony indoors and outdoors. 

Off Season Weddings

The winter months of December to March are usually off season wedding times.  Most people want a warm or cozy wedding, but winter can create a new magical environment. 

If cold weather is you and your partner’s thing, an off-season wedding may be right up your alley. You can make it a winter wonderland theme that allows creativity and unique decoration. There are options for blues, sparkles and ice themes to follow. 

When you book your wedding, you will need to do so months in advance. It is difficult to get a wedding during the popular seasons. Wintertime is the best option to beat the competition or don’t wait to wait for your special day. 

You will also want to consider the issues that can come with a winter wedding. It can be a challenge to stay healthy and doge the winter weather. Ensure you have a backup plan if unexpected illness or snowstorms arrive on the day of your wedding. 

Embrace Your Big Day

Although the most popular months for weddings are in the summer and fall, the best choice is the one that suits you and your partner. Discuss what you want out of your wedding to create the perfect environment for your wedding. 

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