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Breaking Down Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Prices in 2023

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Jenny Packham is one of the most well-known names in wedding and evening wear in today’s fashion world. Her gowns have been featured on the red carpet for years, and her wedding dresses are works of art. 

Because Packham gowns are a premiere label, they are often expensive. What is the price of a Jenny Packham wedding dress? Read on to find out.

What is the Price of a Jenny Packham Wedding Dress?

The 2023 Jenny Packham bridal collection costs between $2,700 and $10,800. The cost varies depending on style.

It is possible to find a Packham gown at a lower price if you shop a smaller collection. Many brides resell their dresses after wearing them, and secondhand shops will sell these gowns at a reduced price. Occasional sales may also help bring down the total cost. 

Although these gowns may seem overly expensive to some, the expense is part of their charm. In addition to being exquisite, these gowns are created by a high-profile designer. Packham works with royalty and dresses some of the most-photographed women in the world. For many brides, Jenny Packham wedding dress prices are worth working into their wedding budget.

Although they are costly, Packham gowns will add unique presence and weight to a bride’s special day. 

History of the Jenny Packham Label

British designer Jenny Packham started her wedding and evening gown brand after graduating from St. Martin’s School of Art in 1988. Her husband, Matthew Anderson, has supported her brand from its beginning and works as her full-time business partner.

According to an interview with Bridal Buyer, Packham launched her first collection during a period in fashion when ballgowns were the popular style. Her collection featured vintage-inspired frocks with beading, offering a sharp contrast to the status quo and alternatives for more adventurous brides. 

Packham’s brand has continued to evolve over the 30-some years she’s been in the fashion industry. Her gowns have been worn at high-profile events by an A-list of celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Kate Winslet, Adele, and Emily Blunt, to name a few. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has called Packham her favorite designer because the royal has worn so many of her gowns. Out of respect, however, Packham doesn’t discuss her relationship with the Duchess with the media. 

Wedding dresses are displayed on hangers and a mannequin.

Jenny Packham’s Iconic Gowns

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Packham revealed her thoughts about the difference between bridal and evening wear. Because most bridal gowns are only worn once, Packham believes they should feel magical – they become a piece of the bride’s history and should have an otherworldly quality. 

By contrast, evening gowns are “a flight of fancy,” according to Packham. They should be eye-catching, celebrating the wearer for a moment in a fun and even daring kind of way. Packham loves working with bright colors and always starts by contemplating different shades before designing a silhouette for one of her famous clients. 

Jenny Packham gowns feature sequins, beading, feathers, and ruffles – a delicate balance of elegance and luxury. Many of her gowns play with texture and are thoughtfully crafted to suit their wearer’s life. In addition to their appearance, the feel of a dress when worn is essential to Packham. 

Although her evening gowns are stunning, Packham’s bridal wear steals the show. The label releases a new collection of bridal gowns every year, then works closely with stockists to offer brides as many choices as possible. 

Packham’s gowns are ethereal, featuring a mix of accents and silhouettes to complement brides of many tastes. In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Packham described the Jenny Packham woman as someone who mixes confidence with sophistication. 

Where to Buy Jenny Packham Dresses 

Stockists all over the world sell Jenny Packham bridal gowns. Brides who want to purchase their dress new and look at many different options should start by contacting an official Packham stockist near them. 

Finding a secondhand gown starts with a quick internet search. Online secondhand shops like StillWhite and Lyst offer Packham dresses at reduced prices for brides who don’t mind a narrower, unpredictable shopping pool. 

After wearing a Jenny Packham gown on their wedding day, brides have two options – first, they can preserve the gown as a family heirloom. A second option is to consider reselling it to a secondhand shop so it can continue to grace new brides. 

If you’re worried about being able to afford a new gown, a used Jenny Packham dress will be just as special on your wedding day. You can make it your own by choosing a veil, jewelry and other bridal accessories that fit your style.

Making Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Prices Worth It 

Jenny Packham’s designs mix sophistication with a height of vintage style many brides crave on their wedding day. Women worldwide wear Jenny Packham gowns. They grace each wearer with unique textures and silhouettes that frame a special moment. 

The price of a Jenny Packham wedding dress reflects the premiere status of its label and the exquisite detailing that makes each frock so remarkable. Brides who wear a Jenny Packham wedding dress will feel the worth of their gown with every step they take on their special day.

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