• 02/13/2024

Bump Your Bank Account: Learn How to Make Money While Pregnant

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Preparing for the arrival of your baby is fun but costly. It’s even less budget-friendly if you’re pregnant with your first child. Don’t worry about spending money on baby supplies and bills while waiting for your due date. Learn how to make money while pregnant by reading this guide and trying something new.

1. Transcribe Interviews

People in all kinds of careers need to conduct interviews. They’ll record the conversation and transcribe it, but not everyone has the time. This is especially a problem for journalists who need to chase the next story before drafting their interview for an article. That’s where your next money-making gig could begin.

Online job boards like Upwork regularly have new transcriptionist roles available. Check each post’s details to ensure it’s a good fit. They’ll note the job length, the content you’ll type and the pay per word or project. As you get started, you’ll figure out what pay range is best for your budget’s needs.

2. Sell Baked Goods

If you love baking, try selling your latest creations. People spent over $20 million on cakes alone in 2021. You could make those plus cookies, brownies and bread if you have the time. Your neighbors and loved ones may want recurring deliveries that stretch into a long-term side hustle throughout your child’s life.

Check for market holes you could fill if you want to make a long-term business out of your baking. If your town has a regular bakery but nothing for vegan or gluten-free customers, making orders for those people would result in a more reliable, easier customer base because they have nowhere else to go.

3. Watch Your Neighbors’ Pets

Family pets are great, but they come with a lot of responsibilities. People don’t always have time to let their pets out for potty breaks during the middle of a work day or socialize them in the evenings.

Make a social media post offering your time and hourly rate. If you are a stay-at-home expectant parent or a remote employee, you could fill your home with friendly pups or cats.

Depending on your hourly rate, you could make more than a full-time job with two or three animals in your care. All you’d have to do is let them out in your backyard if they relieve themselves outside and take them on a walk while you can still walk long distances.

4. Crochet Blankets

It might take a minute to get used to knitting, but crochet hooks make crafting so much easier. Find a YouTube video where a crocheting expert makes a blanket on camera. You can create them in various colors and sizes before selling them online.

Blankets are great gifts for kids, babies and even pets. You might even be able to make one blanket per hour once you get used to the motion of crochet hooking. As you get better, you could expand your inventory with stuffed animals, sweaters and hats. You’ll make more money even if you can only hang out in bed during the days leading up to your due date.

5. Offer Budgeting Services

Anyone who’s savvy with money can arrange virtual or in-person budgeting services. Mention to your friends and family how you’ve successfully done things like get out of debt or save for your home’s down payment. They might have similar goals but not know how to reach them.

Your sessions could cover things like using a budget journal to track various expenses and the occasional impulse purchase. Others may need to learn what a retirement plan is or how to put aside money in an emergency savings account.

Virtual appointments also open possibilities to help loved ones who are out of state. Create a social media account for your budgeting services and they leave great reviews. You may start a financial advisory business that funds your family long after your baby arrives.

6. Make Pottery

People in their early trimesters could try their hand at pottery to make money while pregnant. All you need is clay and a potter’s wheel, which are available through online stores and consumer-to-consumer sales sites like eBay.

After molding the clay into beginners’ projects like mugs and plates, bake them in your oven. Professional potters would fire their ceramics in a kiln, but you may not have space or financial room to buy one. 

Follow a YouTube channel to see how people throw clay, use wire to move their projects off their wheels and fire each project in their oven. You’ll quickly make dishes people will pay for, especially if you start selling your work on social media or local farmers markets.

7. Deliver Orders

Food delivery apps have changed how people order meals. They now account for half of all food orders alongside takeout and pickup options. You could make extra cash by delivering for nearby restaurants, especially if you know shortcut backroads to reach customers faster.

Delivery drivers make most of their money on tips, so ensure you know how to maximize your paycheck before getting started. Consider when you’ve had great delivery services with apps like Uber Eats or DoorDash. The drivers likely communicated about your order and paid attention to any included special instructions.

You could provide a similar service in your town to make money for baby supplies or hospital bills. It’s an especially great way to earn extra cash if you live in a rural area without many delivery driver competitors.

8. Try Being a Virtual Assistant

Many people make a living by being virtual assistants. It’s excellent part-time work that could turn into a new career after your baby arrives. Look on traditional online job boards to find roles that match your experience level, especially if you’ve already worked as an assistant or in an office.

Virtual assistants organize email inboxes, place phone calls, make appointments and even schedule travel arrangements for their bosses. Depending on the industry, you might also operate spreadsheets or do market research. It depends on the role and the personal interests guiding your job applications.

Make Some Extra Money While You’re Pregnant

You don’t need to change your entire lifestyle to supplement your budget while waiting for your due date. Learn how to make money while pregnant and get the financial peace you want. Whether you watch pets during the day, deliver food or crochet custom orders, you’ll have extra pocket change for anything you might need during your first few weeks of being a parent.

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