“Home is a haven— where life happens, where we find the energy to keep going, where memories and legacies are made.”

The concept of ‘home’ means a lot to us at Revivalist. Whether you’re a passionate interior designer in need of unique inspiration for a new DIY project, or a homemaker who has decided to remake your dwelling space to fit the comfort and energy you desire, we have the resources for you to make your space not just a house, but a place to reside in complete tranquility.

At Revivalist we make it a point to take a practical, sensible, service-focused approach to everything we do: re-framing ideas to help streamline your home, encompassed by an environment that allows for creativity and nonconformity.

Redecorating your home updates the space to match your personality. It makes every room more cozy and welcoming, especially if you take advantage of the…

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• 12/11/18

10 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas to Make Your Yard Beautiful

There’s something about having a yard that makes you want to dress it up and show it off. Many people look forward to the day…

• 11/27/18

10 Housewarming Gifts for Newlyweds

When your someone in your family or friend group gets married, you want to get them the perfect gift. In the past, housewarming gifts for…

• 11/08/18

Preparing for Houseguests Without the Stress

So you’ve just gotten off the phone with a friend or relative who says they’re coming to visit. Maybe the house is a mess, and…

• 11/08/18

Tips for Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most exciting — and yes, stressful — meals of the year. For some families, Thanksgiving represents a tradition both…

• 10/25/18

Entertaining Expert: Professional Advice on Hosting a Stress-Free Party

Parties are supposed to be fun, but, let’s face it — hosting can be seriously stressful if you’re not an entertaining expert. It’s up to…

• 10/23/18

Planning a Fall Party? Here’s How to Mindfully Entertain

Being mindful can quickly transform you into a person who is more present. And, with that sense of awareness, you can fortify your relationships with…

• 10/11/18

What Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Really Want

Whether you’re throwing a destination wedding or having people visiting from other areas, you need to make your out of town wedding guests feel welcome….

• 08/02/18

Smart Things to Declutter After Traveling

Are you a clutter bug? Are you a souvenir junkie? When you bring more stuff home, it adds to the clutter you already have in…

• 07/12/18

10 Tips to Throw an Outdoor Summer Soiree

Now that the weather has warmed up, you’re probably wanting to spend more time outside. Whether you’re planning weekend trips to go hiking or you…

• 04/17/18

Decor Tips for a Wanderlust Inspired Home

Over the course of my travels, I’ve stayed in some dreamy homes and hostels around the world. When I return to my own abode, I…

• 03/01/18

What Wellness Means to Me: Home Edition

As you may know, I love to travel. And, because of these never-ending feelings of wanderlust, I have to make sure I love being home,…

• 02/27/18

5 Unique Ways to Bring Your Travels Home

Wanderlust carries adventurers and modern nomads far beyond their birth homes. You easily make friends while waiting for a bus in a strange city, and…

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