“Home is a haven— where life happens, where we find the energy to keep going, where memories and legacies are made.”

The concept of ‘home’ means a lot to us at Revivalist. Whether you’re a passionate interior designer in need of unique inspiration for a new DIY project, or a homemaker who has decided to remake your dwelling space to fit the comfort and energy you desire, we have the resources for you to make your space not just a house, but a place to reside in complete tranquility.

At Revivalist we make it a point to take a practical, sensible, service-focused approach to everything we do: re-framing ideas to help streamline your home, encompassed by an environment that allows for creativity and nonconformity.

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting your first apartment. Finally, you’ve got your own space to live your life and express yourself. And for…

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healing hotels
• 05/07/19

6 Healing Hotels to Find Your Inner Zen

When are you most likely to use a hotel? If you’re like most people, these temporary abodes provide you with a place to rest when…

informal wedding ideas
• 03/28/19

Informal Wedding Ideas for 2019

Maybe you’re not a fan of frills or an overly fancy affair, or perhaps you want to shake some old traditions up. Either way, you’re…

host a wedding reception at home
• 03/08/19

How to Host a Wedding Reception at Home

Figuring out where to have a wedding reception is a big deal for any bride. You have to consider which venues have enough space for…

host a dinner party
• 01/22/19

How to Host a Crappy Dinner Party at Home

With the fast-paced nature of our society, it’s difficult to schedule in time to have friends and family over. Hosting is a lot of responsibility,…

effective homemaking
• 01/18/19

8 Habits of an Effective Homemaker

When the laundry piles up, kids are screaming and someone needs to cook dinner, the last thing on your mind is probably making a daily…

DIY wedding projects
• 01/15/19

DIY Wedding Projects: Make These for Your Wedding and Then Use Them at Home

Because every part of a wedding adds up, you’re trying to find lots of ways to save money. DIY wedding projects can reduce your expenses…

at-home dinner party
• 01/08/19

Tips for Hosting an At-Home Dinner Party

An at home dinner party puts many items on your to-do list, but if you can keep your cool during the event, you’ve mastered the…

celebrate new years at home
• 12/31/18

5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

The year is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to start planning our New Year’s Eve celebrations if we haven’t already. You…

best homemaking blogs
• 12/28/18

The Best Homemaking Blogs That Will Help You Get It Together

Being the homemaker of your household is not an easy feat. You have to think about groceries, housekeeping and running errands. If you have kids,…

• 12/13/18

How to Plan an At Home Wedding

Weddings can be very expensive when you add together all the moving parts. The photographer and videographer, wedding band, party favors, food and so much…

• 12/11/18

10 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas to Make Your Yard Beautiful

There’s something about having a yard that makes you want to dress it up and show it off. Many people look forward to the day…

• 11/27/18

10 Housewarming Gifts for Newlyweds

When your someone in your family or friend group gets married, you want to get them the perfect gift. In the past, housewarming gifts for…

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