• 06/22/2022

7 Great Places for Moss Covered Planters In Your Decor

A moss-covered forest

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You may have a few moss-covered planters hanging around in your space already, but there are also plenty of reasons you may want to seek out some of these adorable accessories. Moss-covered planters give off an earthy and ethereal feel, which can add so much to any space. Whether your moss is fake or real, the planters can look adorable in so many places throughout your home. Here are a few of the unique and adorable places you can stash your moss-covered planters.

1. Green Corner

You may have seen this trend all over Instagram, and that’s because it’s so cute and aesthetically pleasing that most people just can’t help but photograph their little green corners and share with the rest of the world! In order to create your own little green corner, all you really need to do is stack your plants and planters in an aesthetically pleasing formation and keep them in the proper conditions. Layering with levels can help with this by creating dimension and space.

2. Hanging Around

Another great way to utilize moss-covered planters is to hang them up in various places around your home. Not only can this add a bit of dimension and draw the eye up, but it also can be a great opportunity to show off the planter itself. So many hanging planter pots are a little bit plain and rely on the plant itself to do most of the work. This isn’t the case with moss-covered planters at all, so you can really make the most of this accessory.

3. Balcony Vibes

The balcony is a perfect place to stick these planters. Particularly, if you have live moss on any of your planters, putting them outside so that they can continue to breathe and maintain their aesthetic is a great idea that will ultimately save you a lot of time and energy that might go into replacing them or caring for them if you put them inside.

4. Porch Collection

In the same vein, you can also utilize your front or back porch space for this exact same purpose. If you don’t have a balcony where you can hang or place your planters, but you still want them outside, you can make a lovely entryway simply by using plants and planters. Of course, you want to keep them out of the way of any footsteps, but aside from that, you should be more than fine.

5. Green Bedroom

Who says the bedroom is not the place for the outdoors? If you truly love your plants so much that you never want to be away from them, you might want to consider stashing your moss-covered planters in your bedroom. Not only can this create an adorable aesthetic for your bedroom, but this can also remind you to water them and care for them every day, especially if you’re new to taking care of plants. It’s always good to have a little reminder, and keeping them in your bedroom is probably the best one there is.

6. Hydration Nation

If you happen to have real moss on your planters, or are you have plants themselves that thrive in a humid environment, you might want to consider putting your planters in the bathroom. By doing this, your plants will naturally receive plenty of hydration, which is great for a variety of plant families that need consistent humidity in the air. Just make sure that your plants still have access to natural light, as many of them require that to live.

7. Kitchen Plants

If seeing all of that green uplifts you and wakes you up in the morning, you might want to put your planters in a spot where you regularly see them and spend a lot of time around them. If you have the space in your kitchen, putting moss-covered planters right in your kitchen can be a fantastic way to explore your decorative impulses without changing too much about the space. Try it out and see how it works for you. And if the plants get in your way, you can always move them to the living room instead.

Moss Covered Planters and What to Do With Them

Whether you have a variety of plant babies with real moss all along their planters or you have a few fake plants that serve to uplift your space, there are so many places that you can put your planters in order to achieve a beautiful aesthetic in your home. From keeping them in the corner to showcasing them in your kitchen, there’s no shortage of ideas and styles that you can explore.

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