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Top 20 Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2022

Top 15 Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2021

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Everyone wants to be in on the latest trends. Checking up on the biggest lifestyle blogs is the best way to do that. They’ll fill you in on everything from what’s trending in the fashion world to what kinds of vacations people plan for upcoming seasons. These are the top 20 lifestyle blogs to follow in 2022 so you’re always ahead of the crowd.

1. Better Living

Better Living began in 2002 and has become a powerhouse in the lifestyle industry in the nearly two decades since. Their team covers everything from home decor to holiday dessert recipes. You’ll even find reviews on luxury getaway experiences so you’ll save money while adventuring around the world.

2. Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow made Goop a household name after launching it in 2008. It’s known for its unique takes on all things health and wellness, like investigating troublesome stress dreams or using crystals for emotional healing. Readers can also discover the most popular products that support toxin-free, organic lifestyles.

3. Mindbodygreen

The extensive team over at mindbodygreen ensures that every blog post pulls science and wellbeing together. Their experts dive into the science behind wellness trends and provide a critical perspective on topics like spirituality and the environment.

4. Wit & Delight

Life is all about learning from each other, which Wit & Delight emphasizes with each update. The site shares stories about motherhood, interior design and even experimenting with fashion. Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen’s decor or change your personal style, you’ll find an interconnected community ready to tell stories and listen to yours.

5. A Beautiful Mess

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman created A Beautiful Mess for anyone looking for the next inspiring stay-at-home activity. These sisters post about their home decor projects, favorite recipes and other craft tutorials. Readers will always discover fun things to do that make life a little more fun.

6. Primer Magazine

Many lifestyle blogs cater to female audiences, but Primer Magazine is a lifestyle site for men. You’ll learn about keeping up with your living space, how to take control of your wellness and find career success. It’s perfect for anyone like the blog’s founder — a young adult fresh out of college and looking for guidance you can’t find in a classroom.

7. The Skinny Confidential

Beauty and wellness go hand-in-hand over at The Skinny Confidential. Lauren Bosstick holds nothing back in posts that cover topics like botox, birth control and fitness. The blog’s central running theme is diving into the heaviest topics and grossest details, so it’s where readers go when they want to get real about life.

8. Middle Aged Mama

Feeling alone because all of your kids flew the nest? Janet Camilleri has a blog just for you. She writes about issues facing middle-aged women who are getting used to life without kids at home. Every post is full of cute pictures or soulful stories, so you’ll learn how to adapt to your new phase of life without feeling overwhelmed.

9. Quintessence

Stacey Bewkes publishes posts on Quintessence to engage with readers about topics like art, architecture and fine wine. She writes about various issues that inform and enlighten, so stop by her blog to access exclusive content from the latest tastemakers and icons.

10. Camille Styles

The team behind Camille Styles publishes multiple times every day to start discussions about entertaining, style, travel and more. Their high-quality photo collection and inclusive team strive for diverse content that inspires people to live their best life and find lasting happiness. Read about which honeymoon amenities matter the most or how to meal prep for a party and change how you approach upcoming plans.

11. The Blonde Abroad

Women tend to travel with friends and loved ones, but anyone who prefers solo travel can find what they’re looking for in The Blonde Abroad. The founder left her career in corporate wealth management to travel the globe and share her experiences with like-minded readers. She’s the best person to learn about finding deals, staying safe during trips and getting the most out of life.

12. Lifestyle and Berries

Eating healthy is challenging, but Lifestyle and Berries makes it easier. Their posts challenge the latest weight-loss fads and push beyond the typical ideals of healthy eating. Readers also get the latest updates on fashion news, interior decorating and more. 

13. Wellness Mama

Katie Wells checks with her team of expert researchers and medical advisors before posting content about crafting a healthier family lifestyle. In between recipes and natural remedies, you’ll read about DIY beauty ideas and tutorials that make it feel effortless to be your superhero self.

15. The Financial Diet

Managing your finances is one of the most challenging parts of maintaining your lifestyle. The Financial Diet publishes content that teaches their readers about saving money, planning for the future and learning from past financial mistakes. Whether you prefer their confessional posts or budget hacks, they’ll answer all the questions that keep you from affording the life you want.

16. Shondaland

Did you know the creator of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Bridgerton” and other hit shows also has a lifestyle blog? That’s right, Shonda Rhimes’ site covers life, health and wellness. If you’re a fan of her TV series, you’ll find bonus content and exclusive interviews with other women in the industry.

17. Real Simple

Real Simple’s goal is to provide practical advice to make your life easier. Who can resist a promise like that? If you want updates on the latest fashion trends, irresistible recipes and easy health and wellness tips, look no further.

18. Cup of Jo

Covering parenting, culture, travel and more, Cup of Jo has been an inspiration since 2007. Cup of Jo shares real stories of life, relationships and motherhood. On top of the engaging and heartwarming content, the site also donates a percentage of its profits to organizations including NAACP, Greenpeace and more.

19. The Everygirl

If you haven’t been following The Everygirl, now is the time to start. You won’t want to miss their coverage of the hottest fashion trends, the best self-care methods and the most real relationship advice. You can follow them on TikTok, too, for even more fun content.

20. Motherly

There are so many mommy blogs out there, but Motherly is definitely one of our favorites. Motherly dives into difficult conversations all modern moms face, such as “When does parenting get less exhausting?” Their goal is to create “a world in which all mothers are thriving.”

Check Out the Leading Lifestyle Blogs

There’s always more to learn, but you’ll find the latest tips and tricks from these leading lifestyle blogs. Read about fashion advice, interior design and even travel hacks to make life more fun.

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