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Top 10 Brownie Wedding Cake Ideas

Top 10 Brownie Wedding Cake Ideas

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While you’re finding inspiration for your upcoming nuptials, you’re likely dreaming about what will make your wedding different from any others. Consider breaking tradition and making new memories by leaving vanilla wedding cakes in the past. These are the top 10 brownie wedding cake ideas that brides will fall in love with if chocolate is the second biggest love in their lives.

1. Marble Brownie Tier

Anyone can grab a box of brownie mix at the store and take care of dessert, but regular brownies don’t feel very festive. Switch things up by making or ordering marble brownies for your reception. The cream cheese swirl adds a gorgeous touch and makes them extra tasty when it’s time to celebrate after your vows.

2. Dripping Brownie Tower

Making a dessert tower is one of the best brownie wedding cake ideas for 2022 brides. You can stack them in whatever display you’d like. Then use a homemade piping bag or ladle to cover the top in chocolate syrup. It will drip down the sides of each brownie to create a delectable display that your guests will want to try.

3. Brownie-Topped Cheesecake Display

Not a fan of cake? Make your wedding dessert brownie-themed without all the flour. Mini cheesecakes for each guest stack nicely on a cake display stand. Then you could top them with tiny brownies or crumbled brownie bits.

4. White Icing Brownie Tier

Iced brownies are a classic dessert that hardly anyone can resist. Make your favorite homemade recipe or order them from your favorite bakery and use an icing knife to spread your favorite vanilla icing over each one. The color is a throwback to classic wedding cakes and the baking will become your new self-care activity while you’re dealing with any wedding planning stress.

5. Triple Layer Brownie Cake

Any cake-based brownie recipe can stand in for traditional cake layers. Make your favorite mix according to the instructions and bake it in cake pans instead of brownie pans to have enough layers for a triple-layered cake. You could even use a recipe just for you and your future spouse to eat at your reception, like a plant-based recipe that avoids using animal products or another that uses only natural sweeteners. Treat yourself to whatever would make you happiest on your big day.

6. Raspberry Brownie Display

Raspberries have a natural sweetness that pairs perfectly with milk or dark chocolate brownies. They’re also a cute pop of color against a solid wall of brown desserts. Bake them into your brownies if you’d like or cover your brownie display in raspberries to turn them into a work of art at your reception.

7. Peanut Butter Brownie Tier

Peanut butter brownies are just as easy to make or order as marble brownies. All they require is a thinned peanut butter mixture that swirls into the pan before everything begins to bake. If none of your guests have peanut allergies, they’re a fun dessert to add to your reception meal.

Saving money is the most significant appeal to making recipes like these. It won’t cost much to make tons of desserts for even the largest guest lists. Use the leftover money to splurge on something like your dream venue, which can cost an average of $83,000 in Manhattan and close to that price in other large cities.

8. Brownie Cupcake Display

Bakers can also pour brownie mix into cupcake pans and create dessert tiers made for guests on the go. They can grab a brownie cupcake on their way back from the dance floor and kids can carry their cupcakes around while they hang out with friends or family. Cupcakes also provide brides with the chance to decorate with mini cake toppers and weave their theme into their reception dessert.

9. Naked Brownie Cake

Naked cakes have been trendy for the past few years and they’re only getting more popular. They’re great because you can choose any flavor and order any sized cake your wedding requires. Request brownie cake layers and ask for thinly scraped icing to have the dreamy naked cake ambiance that many brides dream of having at their reception.

10. Mini Cosmic Brownie Tier

If you can’t think about brownies without picturing the cosmic brownie snacks that made lunch extra fun in school, you’re in luck. Bakers of any skill level can make cosmic brownies with a bit of chocolate frosting and mini M&M’S.

Depending on what you want to eat at your wedding, you can also top your brownies with colorful sprinkles or other mini candies. No matter what you decide to put on your cosmic dessert, layer your brownies with the help of a multi-tiered stand.

Find Inspiring Brownie Wedding Cake Ideas

Anyone can browse these top 10 brownie wedding cake ideas to find something new for their reception. Think about brownie cake layers, stacked tiers and even brownies topped with candy to pick the ultimate dessert for your big day.

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