How to Use Fragrance Oils At Home


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Essential oils and fragrance oils can be great for bringing a bit of ambiance into any space. Whether you’re looking to use a bit of fragrance on your person or inside your living space, there are plenty of ways that you can use essential oils to bring that sense of relaxation into your life. There are all different kinds of oils you can choose from, each with its own benefits and purposes. Regardless of whether you’re exploring essential oils for the very first time or you already have a few old favorites in your back pocket, the ways you can use them will share plenty of overlap. Here are the best ways to relax with your favorite fragrance oils.

1. Wear It Like Perfume

If you want to relax and let your skin soak up all that the essential oils can offer you, one of the best ways to do that is simply wearing it like a perfume. This usually involves rubbing a dot on your pulse points — the most common ones being the wrists, inner elbows, the chest and the sides of the neck. Not only does this allow you to keep the scent close wherever you go, but it will also have everybody asking, “What are you wearing? It smells amazing!”

2. Diffuse It

If your main ambition is to make your whole home smell like a beautiful floral field or your favorite herb, an essential oil diffuser might be one of your best options. Although they used to run a bit more expensive, they’ve gotten reasonable in recent years with increasing popularity.

3. Use an Oil Burner

If you’d rather go a bit more old-fashioned, you can also use an oil burner with a candle inside for a bit more warmth and coziness. This option diffuses essential oils in a similar way to an essential oil diffuser, although it is a bit more of a fire hazard, so just watch out and make sure you keep an eye on it — just like you would a candle.

4. Drop It In the Bath

If you tend to be a bath person, this option is definitely for you. Taking a long relaxing bath before bed can be the perfect place to drop in a few dots of your favorite essential oil, like lavender. This allows it to use the warm water to diffuse into the air, while also allowing it to sink into your skin and leave a pleasant aroma even after you dry off. This makes for a relaxing time and a bathroom that smells amazing.

5. …Or the Shower

We can’t all take a long, relaxing bath every time we want a dose of aromatherapy. However, chances are that you shower at least once a day. One easy way to include fragrance oils in your nighttime routine is to put just a few drops right beside the shower drain while you take a rinse. This creates a diffuser-like effect, causing the whole shower to smell like whatever oil you’re using. Additionally, the steam from the shower works to open up your sinuses, so if you happen to be using an oil like eucalyptus or tea tree, it can work even more effectively!

6. Enhance Your Candles

Whether you love candles for ambiance or you genuinely love the scent, you can use your essential oils alongside your favorite candles for an even more complete aromatherapy experience. Especially if you notice that the scent of your candle is a little bit weak, you can simply drop a few dots of your favorite essential oil into the wax while it is burning for a bit of a fuller scent.

7. Make a Room Spray

One creative way to use fragrance oils in your home is to make a designated room spray to spritz whenever you need a little pick me up. All you need is a small spray bottle, your favorite essential oils to blend and purified, distilled water. Mix them until it smells complete, and you have your very own room spray!

8. Use It In Your Laundry

If you love the idea of your clothes smelling like your favorite essential oil, you can even use fragrance oils in the laundry! Some of the best oils to use with a load of laundry are lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and lemongrass. However, if you have another blend you like better, by all means, toss that one in with the next load instead!

How to Use Fragrance Oils

Whether your favorite scent is floral, earthy or citrus, there are so many ways that you can use fragrance oils to radiate your selection all throughout your home. Whether you prefer to wear it like perfume or to drop it in the tub, essential oils are all about finding your favorite ways to feel amazing! What’s your favorite essential oil blend?

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