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Gold Wishing Trees: The Latest 2022 Event Trend

Gold Wishing Trees

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When you’re planning an exciting event, you want every piece of decor to have a purpose. Anything else would look out of place, but you’re ready to give your design elements a deeper meaning. While browsing the latest 2022 decorating trends, consider adding a gold wishing tree to your event. No matter where it goes or who attends, everyone will have a better experience because it’s there.

What Are Gold Wishing Trees?

Picture yourself holding a small coin by a water fountain or holding your breath in front of your birthday candles. After focusing all of your thoughts and intentions on your biggest wish, you throw the coin in the water or blow out the candles in one breath. Both are supposed to make your wish come true. Wishing trees work the same way.

People can pick a tree and transform it into a wishing tree with a few quick steps and positive energy. As long as they have something to write their wish on and something to hang it from the tree’s branches, their desire remains secure in a symbol with sacred spiritual or religious value.

Countries With Gold Wishing Tree Traditions

Although you can find wishing trees nearly all over the world, their roots stretch back to a few notable cultures. Read about the places where wishing trees began to learn more about this comforting tradition.


When Chinese architects finished constructing the Tin Hau Temple sometime between 1768 and 1771 in Lam Tsuen, two nearby banyan trees became part of history. People gathered below them to respect their spiritual power and toss written wishes attached to oranges into its branches. People believed their intent would come true if the string snagged and remained among the leaves.


Turkish folklore remains strong in rural areas of the country. People take comfort in trees covered in colorful strips of paper and fabric, believing they’ve granted wishes for generations. Travelers can see them in various spots across Turkey and read whichever wishes they can reach. Many will contain the traditional wish that a young single girl will marry someone extra handsome.

The United Kingdom

If you’re ever vacationing in Scotland, Wales or other parts of the United Kingdom, you might notice a few trees that look like metal porcupines. Don’t be alarmed — the spikes are actually coins. Many people in the U.K. believe that if they hammer a coin vertically into the trunk of a wishing tree, their wish will come true. Some have become so filled with coins over time that they resemble scaled dragons resting between adventures.

Why Is Gold Significant?

You might notice that none of these traditions specify coating any trees in gold. That’s because the symbol of a wishing tree began entirely with whatever people could find in nature.

Now there are many more resources at your disposal that could increase your luck. Gold is one of them. The color is warm, inviting and represents positive results like prosperity and general success. It can’t hurt to add some lucky symbolism to your wishing tree.

Where to Create Your Gold Wishing Trees

There are a few places you can create your wishing tree. It all depends on where you are and where your guests will most easily access it.

Make One Outside 

If you have a yard, you can always transform one of your trees into a place where wishes come true. Place your hands on the trunk and infuse it with your intentions to surround it with positive, receptive energy.

You could also plant a tree somewhere on your property. All you have to do is learn how to care for the specific type of tree you select and create a watering routine that will keep it alive. Pay attention to your soil’s nutritional content and the time of year to give your tree the best chance at forming a substantial root system.

Bring Your Tree Indoors

Many people also make indoor wishing trees. It’s perfect for events that don’t have outdoor space or happen during a time of year when no one wants to be outside. Find a faux tree and use your energy to fill it with wish-fulfilling intentions. After your event ends, it will become the perfect addition to your boho bedroom or any space that needs an interior design upgrade.

What Colors Are Best for Wishing Trees?

Gold is the ultimate color for a wishing tree because of what it represents, but you can use other positive colors too. Spray paint your tree gold or find a faux tree in a gold pot. Bring in other colors as desired with rainbow ribbons or strings that match your event’s color scheme.

Best Events for Gold Wishing Trees

Now that you know more about this great tradition, check out which events are perfect for wishing trees. You’ll quickly learn why it’s the latest 2022 event trend across the board.

Wedding Receptions

Spring or summer weddings that draw inspiration from seasonal florals and colors would benefit from a wishing tree. It would work with your natural elements and even become an outdoor focal point for guests at your reception.

Provide a table with pens and paper labels on strings so everyone can tie a wish to your tree. You could even include a sign to indicate that each wish should represent what guests hope for the newly married couple. It’s a creative twist on a guest book and a fun activity that everyone can do.

Bridal Showers

When people attend a bridal shower, they’ll give the future bride plenty of advice and well wishes. Why not write everything down on themed cards that hang from your wishing tree? Satin ribbons and gold paper will tie your tree into your event decor and give the bride a scrapbook of notes to reflect on after her wedding. 

School Graduations

Graduating from school is exciting for everyone. Whether you’re a high schooler looking forward to college or a college grad ready to take on the world, you’re also probably hoping for the best. Create a gold wishing tree at your graduation party for everyone to try. Grads can tie their hopes for their futures while loved ones hang their best wishes for their favorite graduates onto the closest branches.

Engagement Parties

Planning an engagement party can be the most entertaining part of the months leading up to your wedding. You’ll design the perfect gathering for your closest friends and family members. As the days rush by, you might catch yourself hoping that you don’t forget their words of advice in between timing when you’ll send invitations and figuring out which restaurant will cater the event.

Create a gold wishing tree for everyone who wants to celebrate your engagement. Spray paint the trunk and branches gold before they start tying their wishes up with string. You can use the tree as decor in your future home together and reflect on the wishes that helped carve your future.

Baby Showers

If you’re going to host a baby shower, a gold wishing tree is a perfect way to make it extra special. Everyone can hang ribbons on the tree with their hopes for the new baby or the child’s parents. It’s especially great for first-time parents and anyone who wants to save pictures and mementos in scrapbooks.

Farewell Parties

It’s heartbreaking when a loved one moves away, so you might want to throw them a farewell party. While everyone mingles and says goodbye, they can also hang their best wishes for their loved one on a wishing tree. The person who moves away can take the wishes with them and read them when they feel homesick.

Plan the Ultimate Party Decor Today

Gold wishing trees are a sweet way to add a little luck to any event. Whether you’re planning a wedding or celebrating someone, gathering everyone together and making your well wishes known is a sweet way to fill the event with love.

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