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The Best Travel Tips for Adventures in Santa Maria, Brasil

The Best Travel Tips for Adventures in Santa Maria, Brasil

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An entire world awaits your next globetrotting adventure. While you could always revisit places you love, it’s more exciting to discover a new getaway. If you’re daydreaming about adventures in Santa Maria, Brasil, this guide will help you plan the ultimate trip. You’ll prepare for your travels and have a great time so you never waste a second before returning home.

Learn the History of Santa Maria

Brasil has a long history that shows in its architecture, culture and traditions. You’ll immediately experience them all when you land in Santa Maria. Originally founded in 1797, it became a cultural hub because it’s just south of the state capitol. Railways over the Geral Mountains shipped goods in and out of the city before carrying curious future residents into town.

Now Santa Maria houses over 269,000 people and attracts more than that number of tourists every year. There are plenty of things to do and see, so the city continues to grow in popularity and size every year.

When You Should Go

There’s never a bad time to go to Santa Maria’s region in South America. It’s warm in the winter and not too hot in the summer, but people most often visit it between Christmas and spring.

If you want to avoid crowds of tourists, visit outside of the winter and early spring months. Peak seasonal pricing will also disappear at that time. You’ll save money on everything from hotel rooms to entertainment by timing your trip correctly.

Things You Can Do

Once you arrive in the big city, you should have a good idea of how you’ll spend your time. These are the most popular adventures in Santa Maria that will give you a complete experience.

Criadouro Conservacionista Sao Braz

Families always stop by the Criadouro Conservacionista Sao Braz because the conservation center houses so many fascinating animals. Check the ticket prices and currency conversation to fit it into your travel budget and stay as long as your kids would like.

They’ll get to see parrots, crocodiles and other animals up close. Volunteers save every animal from dangerous situations so the conservation center is both a rehab facility and a permanent home. It’s a great lesson about how every animal deserves love and respect since your children will be in awe of their natural magnificence.

Theatro Treze de Maio

Anyone who loves seeing live performances has to stop by the Theatro Treze de Maio. It houses artists of all kinds who show off their skills in musical concerts, plays and other shows. Check out the venue’s event calendar to see what’s going on while you’re in town.

Planetario Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Take a long look into the stars by visiting the Planetario Universidade Federal. The staff schedules events just for kids and other shows for adults. Their website will guide you to links to check out their calendar and find the entrance fee.

You can also plan to relax on the property’s lawn after your event ends. Seeing the stars in real-time and getting fresh air will improve your immune system by seeping the stress that made you crave a vacation in the first place.

Vale da Garganta do Diabo

Although the valley’s name doesn’t sound picturesque, the famous bridge that spans the vast expanse is the perfect place for pictures. Rent a car to get out there and park on either side of the bridge. You’ll find nearby trails that could become a couples bonding activity or offer a moment of respite from the busy downtown area.

Irmas Franciscanas Culture and History Museum

You don’t need a car to find the Irmas Franciscanas Culture and History museum. It’s in the heart of downtown Santa Maria in a historic building maintained by the Franciscanas sisters. You’ll learn about the building’s past and how it’s withstood the test of time in a city with such incredible history. Don’t forget to book your tour online before heading out to the site. 

Botanical Garden of the University of Santa Maria

The University of Santa Maria’s botanical garden is a lovely place to relax with a picnic in between your activities. It has plenty of space for the whole family and is a popular place for locals to visit. There are also numerous art installations that change every year, so you’re always in for something new.

Morro Cechella

If you want the city’s best view, hike up to Morro Cechella. A hired ride will get you to the bottom of the hill and you’ll have to work your way up to the peak. Take photos of the city skyline while you’re up there, then rappel to the bottom with your own equipment. You could spend hours tackling the hill and having a one-of-a-kind experience during your upcoming trip.

Consider Helpful Travel Tips

Fill your travel schedule with a few fun activities, then keep these travel tips in mind to have a great time. They’ll keep you safe and prevent any hitches in your adventure.

Hire Local Tour Guides

There are many places to see around Satna Maria, Brasil. You can take yourself to every one of them, but they rarely have official tour companies ready to assist you.

Prevent yourself from getting lost on trails and hikes by hiring an independent, local tour guide. They’ll know the area personally and charge less than big brand companies. It could keep you from wandering down the wrong path or wasting time while trying to get back to your hotel.

Copy Your ID

Many places will require your ID to let you access tourist spaces. Bringing your driver’s license or passport around the city is too risky. Instead, make a copy of them before leaving home. You can carry the folded copy in your pocket so it’s always ready and keep the authentic versions safe in your hotel room.

Bring Mosquito Spray

Santa Maria has a warm climate, but it can also get muggy. The weather creates the perfect environment for mosquitos to thrive. You may notice more than usual even in the city, so pack a bottle of mosquito repellent. It will be especially useful if you plan numerous outings onto local trails or at outdoor attractions.

Get Your Vaccines

Getting vaccinated is always an essential factor of planning an international trip. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend the following vaccines for anyone planning to fly to Brasil in addition to routine vaccines:

  • COVID-19
  • Malaria
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Rabies
  • Measles
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow Fever

It may take time to get updated on all of these vaccines. Some require specific periods between shots. Talk with your doctor at least a few months before your trip to schedule whichever vaccines you’ll need to stay safe and healthy.

Keep Belongings Close

Many tourists travel internationally and expect the same level of safety that they would have at home. Remember that every city has fluctuating crime levels, so it’s always wise to keep your belongings close. Tuck your money into zippered pockets and leave anything of value in your hotel room’s safe. 

If you’re worried about robbery, you can also get traveler’s insurance. Some plans cover theft, so you can immediately replace anything that goes missing. It may take away the last of your travel anxiety and make your experience more fulfilling.

Enjoy Adventures in Santa Maria, Brasil

You’ve learned everything you need to know about going on adventures Santa Maria, Brasil. Think through every detail and start planning a few months in advance to create the ultimate getaway to South America.

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