• 04/18/2023

90s Fashion Trends and Aesthetics for Your Wardrobe


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People often define their style by a specific decade. You may have grown up during a particular period or watched a movie that inspired you to wear a specific aesthetic. Even though that time has passed, you can still wear whatever clothes make you feel confident. Check out this guide to 90s fashion trends to discover if that’s where your heart lies.

What Was Popular Fashion in the 90s?

You might struggle to picture what everyone wore if you didn’t grow up in the 90s. When you look up photos, you won’t find the popular neutral shades and external corsets that are popular today.

Instead, you’ll find iconic clothes like Cher’s yellow and black plaid ensemble from “Clueless.” Check out the low-rise purple jeans Rose McGowan wore in “Jawbreaker” or the multi-pattern styles in the original “10 Things I Hate About You.”

90s fashion gives grunge, neon colors and shoulder pad vibes. You could be a punk rock rebel or a preppy-style icon. The 90s were about trying new things with your look, so combine numerous elements to blend the perfect 90s style.

90s Fashion Trends You’ll Love

When you’re ready to jump into the world of 90s fashion clothing and accessories, start with these beloved trends. You’ll find everything you need to create your style and live your best 90s life any year.

1. Plaid Clothes

You might already have a few plaid button-down shirts in your closet. If that’s the case, you’re already on your way to a wardrobe inspired by 90s fashion.

People loved plaid clothes in the 90s because they became the epitome of grunge teenagers mixing edgy and laid-back vibes with their outfits. You’ll instantly gain a 90s preppy style if you wear plaid in a skirt. You could even wear a plaid dress or pajama set to keep your style going wherever you are.

2. Overalls

You might not think of overalls as a fashion choice, but they became a big deal in the 90s. They were so big that Alyssa Milano even wore them to the “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” premiere in 1997.

Skip the typical blue denim popular today to make your outfit more 90s-inspired. Your overalls could be black, a neon color or a bold print. Layer them with a bold-print shirt or sweater underneath to make everyone feel like they stepped back in time when you walk into the room. Don’t forget to make room in your closet by working through a checklist to donate or give away clothes that don’t fit that vibe.

3. Faux Fur 

Although it’s crucial to stay warm in the winter, faux fur jackets were more about being edgy in the 90s. Wear one to accentuate your seasonal style and stand out from the crowd. You could also wear faux fur vests and dresses. Many people don’t wear fur because they think it’s outdated, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bring it back this year with 90s vibes that are undeniably chic.

4. Pleather

Leather is another material that gives people a grunge look, but you can opt for an animal-friendly alternative by getting pleather clothes. Brands make plenty of pleather clothes to build your wardrobe with this 90s aesthetic. Consider investing in dresses, jackets, gloves, pants and shoes if you want to lean into punk, soft or indie grunge fashion.

5. Tie-Dye

Young people in the 90s were trying to achieve independence and break away from trends left over from the 80s. Tie-dye helped them do that for multiple reasons. You can make solid-color tie-dye clothes at home or convert existing clothes with dye and string.

It’s also a visually fun print that can combine numerous colors into one outfit. See how you can wear it in dresses, jelly shoes and tube tops. If you need to clear space in your closet for your new tie-dye masterpieces, you can always make a few dollars from clothes you don’t wear anymore and reinvest the money into your wardrobe.

6. Tracksuits

When Whitney Houston performed at the 1991 Superbowl in her white, red and black tracksuit, the decade’s sense of style changed forever. She put tracksuits on everyone’s minds, so people began buying them from the biggest brands.

Whether you spend your time at home or school, a tracksuit is always the perfect outfit for the occasion. 90s styles will use bold colors, animal prints and shapes to accentuate your look, but you could also go with a velvet ensemble to live in luxury.

7. Scrunchies

Bands have always held back everyone’s long hair, but scrunchies changed the game in the 90s. The soft fabric doesn’t damage your hair or get knotted during removal. It also doubles as another accessory, which can add to or match your daily outfits.

You’ll find plenty of scrunchies available online and at beauty stores. They’re still popular among people who like the VSCO girl aesthetic, but you can retrofit them to bring the 90s back to life with every ponytail or messy bun.

8. Mood Rings

Although mood rings first entered the fashion scene in the 70s, they came back big in the 90s. They symbolized an edgier approach to relationships because they pronounced everyone’s emotional state when they entered a public space.

They also come in various styles, so you can find mood rings that match your vibe. Look for silver bands with intricate settings or gold bands that match the grunge spikes on your denim jackets. The rings might not scientifically depict your moods, but they’re a fun accessory that stands out in modern fashion styles.

Consider Trying a 90s Fashion Aesthetic

You can use these 90s fashion trends to create the wardrobe of your dreams. Consider which clothes make you feel most confident. Do you love leather jackets, stonewashed jeans or hair accessories?

Whatever you love to wear, you’ll have plenty of room to explore your preferred aesthetics. You might love the grunge look or a mix of eclectic 90s clothes. No matter what you wear, the 90s can help you look and feel your best in any decade.

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