• 12/08/2021

15 Relatable Songs for Your Fresh Breakup Playlist


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Like the songs always say, breaking up is hard to do. Whether you’re the one who cut things off or you’re nursing a broken heart, going through a split will basically always be tough. There are many ways to get through a breakup, and music is definitely one of them. Of course, everyone has their own taste, but it’s also good to look off the beaten path for some new material every once in a while — we can’t blast Taylor Swift all the time, can we? Luckily, this list has the range. Whether you need to cry it out or smash something. Here are a few songs you can put on your breakup playlist. 

  1. Brand New City by Mitski

This first song by Mitski is sure to have you feeling like a total badass. It goes a little heavy, but let’s be honest. That might sort of be what you need right now.

  1.  Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira

Going a bit more dark pop, this song is upbeat but still a bit haunting. It won’t sink you into the depths, but it’s certainly relatable.

  1. Tymps (Sick in the Head Song) by Fiona Apple

Another badass bop, this Fiona Apple deep cut brings the sass to a whole new level, which could be exactly what you need to get up, put on some killer eyeliner and head out into the world like you own it.

  1. Radio by Lana Del Rey

Easing into the sad stuff, there had to be some room for Lana Del Rey on this list. Radio is a bittersweet jam that could give anybody a bit of nostalgia. But this song isn’t necessarily a cry-fest if you don’t want that.

  1. Skinny Love by Bon Iver

Going acoustic, this song is admittedly a bit more blue. But sometimes a bit of relatable sadness is exactly what you need. But in a beautiful, soulful way of course.

  1. Anchor by Novo Amor

If we’re going in the acoustic direction, this one is stil a bit melancholy, but it’s definitely got a nostalgic quality to it that’s sure to bring out something.

  1. Two of Us On the Run by Lucius

This song says it all when it comes to forlorn romance. It’s also on the acoustic side, but it offers a great soundscape with a full, well-rounded sound. The lyrics are great, and you can definitely cry to this song in its own unique way.

  1. Montana by Youth Lagoon

If you want a slightly more lofi experience that gets the waterworks going, this song is for you. It’s definitely subtle, but when you really give it the attention it deserves, you might not be able to tear yourself away.

  1. Trouble by Cage the Elephant

All right. Enough with the sad for now. This bop is sure to have you feeling a bit more like yourself again. It’s not too heavy, but it brings the heat so you can feel a bit more confident while it pipes into your headphones. 

  1. Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Sound System

Another one that might get your blood pumping, this long jam is great for dancing around, feeling free and generally moving your body. A great choice for any breakup.

  1. Going Gets Tough by The Growlers

This song is a bit cheeky and bittersweet, but still upbeat, which could be the perfect balance within a breakup playlist. 

  1. Don’t Delete the Kisses by Wolf Alice

This song definitely has a nostalgic vibe, but it’s also extremely artsy and fun, which makes it a great choice for almost any breakup playlist.

  1. You and I by Wilco

Okay, returning to the sad songs for just another moment, this song is admittedly one for the teary nights. If you need something to just get your feelings out, this song could be it.

  1. Save Me by Aimee Mann

Throwing it back a little for some serious nostalgia, this sad song is another one that might end up getting some tears out of you.

  1. How I Get Myself Killed by Indigo De Souza

Set the last one on this list, a song that goes hard and keeps things a bit tame at the same time is probably the best choice. This one has an indie rock feel that is perfect for any breakup playlist.

Breakup Playlist Songs

Breakups are never easy, but having a killer playlist is one of the best ways that you can get through it and feel a lot better on the other side. What kinds of breakup songs do you prefer? Would you rather go heavy, or keep things a bit more melancholy?

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