• 08/03/2023

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? 11 Reasons You Do

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Dreams are strange phenomena that science still doesn’t fully understand. It’s even stranger when someone you’re familiar with enters your sleeping entertainment. When you dream about people, they could be telling you something. Here are 11 reasons they might appear. 

1. They Are Communicating With You 

There is a belief among some communities that you can subconsciously communicate with others through your dreams. 

Called “dream telepathy,” Sigmund Freud first documented the concept. It can happen with people you regularly encounter or someone you haven’t seen in years. Mainstream scientific communities reject that dream telepathy exists but many alternative and spiritual communities are more open-minded to the idea. 

2. They Are Reflecting You 

Some research suggests that when you dream about another person, you are actually dreaming about yourself. Dreams can be reflections of what you were doing or thinking about before you fell asleep. 

It could mean that you want to reach out to the person or are thinking about something they did that you want to do. It is often easier to process something when you see it through another person. Some believe you can do that in your dreams. 

Ask yourself what about the person you dream about could relate to your desires or concerns. 

3. You Miss Something About Them 

We sometimes wonder about people who were once in our lives. It is easy to imagine where they might live, what they do, and if they found happiness. Dreams can be a way to answer those questions by showing us the person we know and giving us hints about their current life. 

Dreaming in this way could mean you miss the person but could also just serve as a reminder of a good experience you had with them or a trait you admire about them. 

4. You Feel A Connection With Them

It is common to dream about people you have not thought about in years. People from our past may be significant to you or not. You might dream about someone you never had a relationship with at all. 

These dreams could signal that you like the person or feel a connection with them. You might not know why you feel that way but the dream could be a sign to explore those thoughts further. It could mean that the person has a role to fill in your life. 

5. You Have Yet To Acknowledge Their Importance 

If someone constantly appears in your dreams, it could be because they mean more than you are willing to admit. 

When someone unexpectedly shows up in your dreams, it may mean you need to think about their purpose in your life and what they mean to you. You might not realize their importance and if they are positively or negatively affecting your life. 

6. You Are Frustrated About Not Knowing Them 

If you liked someone in the past but never got the chance to know them, your dream could be a way of expressing your frustration. 

You might have an emotional attachment to them or want to reach out to them but have no way of doing so. Dreams can help you process past emotions and this type of dream could be your mind accepting how upset the lack of interaction made you. 

7. You Have Or Want A Relationship With Them 

Researchers found that 60% of people dream about people they know and 95% of them dream about their significant other at least once a month. 

Your dreams could represent anxiety that you do not realize you feel. When you dream about a relationship, it is often a reflection of your needs and desires. Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your relationship status. Dreaming about someone you do not have a strong relationship with could indicate that you would like to form a closer bond with them. 

8. You Are In Denial About Your Feelings 

If you have unresolved feelings about someone, they could show up in your dreams. Many people dream about the relationships they want but also the ones they refuse to think about when they are awake. 

The relationship could also represent your struggle to understand your place in it. If you are confused about setting a boundary or asking to go from a friend to a significant other. If you want to be with someone but are afraid of taking that step, they could be in your dreams. Your dream could serve as a chaotic trial run of what you want to do with someone in real life. 

Try your best not to stress over unresolved feelings but use these dreams as information that you can use to understand yourself better. 

9. They Are Your Ex

It is natural to dream about someone you were once close to, especially about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. There are many reasons you might dream about your ex, including: 

  • You feel at peace about your former relationship.
  • You feel conflicted about the relationship. 
  • You have unresolved anger or bitterness.
  • You want to communicate with them.

Dreaming about your ex means the relationship meant something to you – good or bad. 

10. They’re From High School 

Dream interpreters see high school as a new beginning. If you dream about someone from high school, you might want to start over or retreat to a different time. 

High school can mean you want to escape back to the relationship you had with that person, whether you were friends or in love. It could also mean you are ready for a fresh start like the one high school gave you. 

11. They’re In Your Memories 

When you dream about something, it might not be for a serious reason. It could be that your current emotions or experiences bring similar memories to the front of your mind. Your brain could use the memory to make sense of your current circumstances. 

Dreaming About Others

Dream interpretation is subjective based on your beliefs and experiences. Dreams are great self-reflection tools that you can use to your advantage. Meditate on confusing dreams and trust your gut on whether or not to explore them further.

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