• 03/10/2023

What Is My Clothing Style? 

What is my clothing style?

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Style is an essential part of your self-identity. Many people say that before you speak a word they get an impression of you from the way you present yourself. The power of clothing style is often underestimated. Your style is a unique communication tool that can be used to express yourself without words. If you have been wondering, “what is my clothing style?’ or don’t know where to start, this is a great place to start. 

Defining Your Style

Your style reflects a lot about the things you like, your creativity and your lifestyle. A personal style gives you a unique image that sets you apart from everyone else and embodies the person you want to be. 

Although your style is meant to express yourself, it can impact people’s impressions and judgments of you. Since your style heavily affects other people’s views of you, it can be a tool to help you land a job you want or find the people you connect with best in the world. 

Typically you will have one dominant fashion category even if you have a unique combination in your closet. Most people have a mix of sporty, classic and other traditional styles, trendy, boho and more to encapsulate their true style. Finding your clothing style is essential, so taking steps like personal style quizzes can help determine your primary fashion preference. 

What is My Clothing Style and How to Develop it?

Step 1: Find Style Inspiration 

You may have a celebrity, friend or anyone you know that you look up to their style. It can be a mix of people who you look up to with various styles you admire. Keep in mind that everyone you admire won’t align with the style you like. For example, you may love Lady Gaga and her look, but it doesn’t mean you will dress like her. 

People you admire and look up to for their looks versus the style you like. Before you jump into a new style, ensure it truly aligns with you and you are not just recreating someone else’s style. 

An excellent platform to explore is Pinterest. You can find many outfit inspirations or see icons like Bella Hadid and Zendaya with a modern stress style. Pay attention to the results and see if it is the style you want or what you like about other people. Ask yourself some questions if you think you need help with a roadblock. 

  • Would I style myself like this?
  • Do you have any pieces of clothing being worn in the picture? (This is a good sign!)
  • Does it match my primary style?
  • What draws me to this look? 

Step 2: Detailing Your Style

Now that you have an idea of what you like, you can evaluate the rest of the details of your style. Things like jewelry or shoes can put your spin on a style. You might love statement necklaces or bright, colorful shoes to pull together your look. You may be the opposite with dainty minimalist jewelry and a neutral shoe. 

Here are some things to think about when putting together your personal style. 

  • What is my dominant fashion category? 
  • What jewelry and shoes do I like?
  • What other accessories do I like?
  • What is my secondary clothing style?

All these answers will likely be straightforward. Your style will be easily defined or it might be a combination with a specific aspect that glues them together. 

Step 3: Raid Your Closet 

The clothes you own are the foundation of your personal clothing style. Start by going through your closet and seeing what clothing can work for areas of life like fun, family events, work and more. Try to find ways that your style fits into each aspect of your life. 

Step 4: Practice Creating Outfits

The fun part of finding your style is putting things together that fit your unique look while supporting your wardrobe. Try on your versions of the style ideas you found. Don’t directly copy the outfits— find ways to make them your own. 

Keep the main pieces of the outfit, but most use the style inspiration to make it your own. Layer pieces of your own clothes to make them your own. Whether it is a jacket, personal jewelry or clothing that fits your body better, it will make the look unique. 

Step 5: Document the Best Looks 

When you create an outfit you love, take a picture and refer back to it when you need inspiration. You can create a photo album full of outfits on your phone when you need creative inspiration. 

These photos can become the new base look if you want a spin-off of the look you already created. You might turn it into a night look or transform it into a look for work. No matter what keeping documentation of your outfits will help you create more looks that you personalize for yourself.

Step 6: Find a Signature 

There are so many fun and unique ways you can make a style yours. You may notice celebrities have a signature part of their looks that they always have that makes them theirs. Certain items might be a part of your everyday outfit that you don’t even notice is a tradition. It can be gold hoops, a ring or a watch that you will wear no matter what occasion you are going to. 

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant but something that defines you or means something special. 

Step 7: Find Ways to Compliment Your Assets

Think about something that people compliment you on the most. It might be your long legs, bright eyes or hourglass figure. Whatever it is, find ways to highlight it with your clothing. Skirts, vibrant colors and fitted tops might be something you can add to your closet to show off the things that make you, you.

Take Control Of Your Clothing Style 

Once you have found your clothing style, allow your confidence to shine. Finding it might take some time, but the feeling will be rewarding once you do. The best part is that your style can change and you can create multiple versions of yourself from your closet. 

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