• 11/23/2020

Should You Use a Wedding Hashtag Generator?

Should You Use a Wedding Hashtag Generator

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Posting pictures of your wedding is so much fun, but the endless memories can get lost in the vast world of the internet. Hashtags make it easy to locate everything you and your guest post during your big day, especially if everyone uses one just for your wedding. Check out a few other reasons why you should use a wedding hashtag generator after getting engaged.

Reasons Why Brides Create Wedding Hashtags

There are a few ways your hashtag will make your wedding more enjoyable and memorable. Consider if you’d appreciate these benefits before trying a generator.

1. Hashtags Collect Pictures

Everyone takes photos at weddings, but they don’t all get posted. Including a personal hashtag on your wedding invites and signage encourages everyone to post their selfies and videos so you can see them later. Use your hashtag to quickly find everything whenever you want to relive your big day.

2. You Could Make a Virtual Guestbook

Some brides prefer visual guestbooks instead of written notes. When your guests include your hashtag in their pictures, they can use their posts to leave well wishes, encouragement or notes of celebration in a modern version of the traditional guestbook.

3. Your Guests Can Contribute

You may pay a photographer to professionally capture your unique venue and the most special moments of your wedding, but a hashtag allows guests to contribute too. They’ll get plenty of candids and short clips of moments your photographer can’t get because there’s only one of them.

4. You’ll Save Early Memories

Brides often make their hashtag right after getting engaged. You can use it to save your early memories in the same hashtag that will label all the photos and videos from your wedding. It’s easier to locate everything if you want to make a wedding website or print things for a physical scrapbook later.

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5. You Can Always Find Your Pictures

After returning from your honeymoon or celebrating your first wedding anniversary, you can search for your hashtag on social media to relive your big day. It’s also helpful if you ever need to replace your pictures because you experience a housefire, your home floods or your computer crashes.

Best Wedding Hashtag Generators

Check out these free generators to get inspired and make the best hashtag for your wedding journey. Their various algorithms will help you use your married name, venue, date or other wedding details to create a unique hashtag:

What Makes the Best Wedding Hashtags?

The most important thing to remember when creating your wedding hashtag is to make it unique. If you accidentally share a hashtag with another couple, trend or event, your pictures will get mixed up with theirs. List the potential hashtags you like the most and search each one to ensure no one already claimed it before sending it to your guests.

Have Fun Making Up Hashtags

Enjoy spending time with your partner while making your wedding hashtag with a generator. Whatever site you use will help you post your memories and everything your guests experience to create the ultimate collection of photos and videos.

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