• 03/20/2023

Unique at Home Date Night Ideas


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Date nights can be challenging, especially for couples who have young children. Getting dolled up and going out can seem more effort than it’s worth. 

With the price of everything rising lately, it makes much more sense to explore at-home date night ideas rather than splurge on overpriced dinners once a week. Here are some out-of-the-box date night ideas you can try at home to help your wallet, energy levels and love life. 

A couple hugs lying down on a bed.

Do a Paint Project 

Paint projects can be romantic even if you aren’t an artist. If one of you is an artist, learning from one another can be fun and insightful. You can even pose for one another and recreate a Jack and Rose situation. If you want a good laugh, you can play Pictionary with paint to test each other’s ability to follow directions. 

You can purchase a paint kit if you want to spice things up. This kit provides everything you need to create a masterpiece with your bodies as you roll around in your birthday suits. The canvas is the best-kept secret you can display, with only the two of you know what it is.

Have Some Friendly Competition

At-home date nights are the perfect opportunity to engage in some friendly competition. You can have as much, if not more, fun at home playing games with your significant other. Friendly competition can boost your communication skills, facilitate growth and build trust. Turn your home into a fortress for a Nerf gun war or have a sexy pillow fight or romantic scavenger hunt. 

There’s also something romantic about playing a board game–just the two of you. Video games are an excellent way to compete and engage in playful banter that can lead to the bedroom. Relaxing with your significant other brings a new element to your relationship. You create the most intimate setting when you can be comfortable together at home.

Have a Dance Party

Light some candles and slow dance in your living room to create a romantic atmosphere and set the mood. If you’re married, you can play songs from your wedding to spark romance and bring back pleasant memories. If you haven’t chosen a song for your relationship, you can take this opportunity to share music and choose one that aligns with you as a couple. 

For a more upbeat vibe, you can watch dance tutorials online and learn choreography together. Dancing is an excellent way to get some physical activity that comes with myriad benefits, like boosting your immune system and improving your overall health. It definitely beats sitting on the couch through a movie marathon! 

A couple cooks together.

Learn Something New

Dig deep and have romantic conversations that satisfy each other’s curiosity. You can talk about one another’s past and explore your dreams together. Discuss your bucket lists and see if you can combine them to create a new one you can work to achieve together. 

Try learning a new language together or creating a new recipe–something you can share. Shared experiences, even small ones, can enrich your relationship and strengthen your connection. In addition to learning something new, you’re creating memories by building something together. 

The Best Date Night Ideas To Have at Home

You can’t get private moments in public–these at-home date night ideas can take your relationship to the next level. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been married for years, date nights in can strengthen your bond and ensure quality time together. 

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