• 02/13/2023

Bucket List Ideas for Couples of Any Age


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You might have plenty of items on your personal bucket list, but when was the last time you and your partner worked on a bucket list together? Compiling bucket list ideas for couples encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It may motivate you and your partner to go on another date if you haven’t for a while. The great news is that a couple’s bucket list can be for any type of couple — you don’t have to want to travel abroad or do something massive to have a bucket list.

Bucket List Ideas for Couples Who Are Adventurous

Couples who want a sense of adventure without leaving their area will find no shortage of bucket list ideas for couples. You can find adventure just a short walk or drive away. Try out these actionable items next time you and your partner are looking for a brand-new experience.

1. Train for a Marathon

The great thing about marathons is that you probably don’t have to leave your city to find one. Once you and your partner see a marathon within a timeframe that works for you, start training for it. Beginners will want to start working on their speed and stamina right away, and make sure that you’re working toward your shared goal consistently, or else you’ll lose your progress. Look forward to the marathon to celebrate what you and your partner can do.

2. Explore Your City

Act like a tourist without ever leaving your hometown! You and your partner can drop your responsibilities and obligations to explore your city in full for a weekend. Research some of the most-visited places in your town. Experience them as if you were new to the area. Try to avoid falling into your favorite date places — this bucket list item is all about trying something new.

3. Adopt a New Pet

Adopting a pet is an excellent addition to anyone’s bucket list. When you and your partner feel ready, open your home for a new dog, cat or another small animal. Make sure you have everything prepared ahead of time, such as food, living spaces, toys, grooming items and whatever else may be applicable. Owning a pet is an adventure because you get to experience the world in a brand-new way through the eyes of your furbaby — or featherbaby or scalebaby.

Bucket List Ideas for Couples Who Prefer Being at Home

There’s no shame in staying at home. If you and your partner are introverts or just enjoy each other’s company more than the things you might be doing, these bucket list items for couples might be excellent options for you. From the comfort of your own home, you and your partner can spend time together crossing off items on your couple’s bucket list.

1. Finish Your To-Be-Watched List

62% of households have at least one streaming service to watch movies and television shows on. Your backlog of media is the perfect opportunity to create a bucket list item. Whenever you and your partner find yourselves with nothing to do, try to watch something on your list. The great thing about this item is that your list never has to end — meaning that you can have little movie dates with your partner every night for months on end.

2. Learn a New Language

Do you and your partner have a travel destination in mind where the primary language isn’t your first language? Before you head on your adventure, you can study up on the language to effectively communicate with the people who live there. Alternatively, you can learn a new language to communicate with the people around you in your everyday life. Learning a new language can enrich you and your future experiences.

3. Declutter Your Entire House

Maybe you moved into a new home recently and still haven’t gotten everything sorted, or perhaps you’ve been living in the same place and have acquired clutter over the years. Whatever the case, you can put it on your bucket list to declutter your home and clear out everything you don’t need. Bucket list items don’t always need to be exciting or accomplish something major. Sometimes, just getting the home you share in order can prime your lives for greater happiness in an organized house.

Bucket List Ideas for Couples Who Love to Travel

Traveling is back and better than ever. As you swing back into traveling, you may want to add some of these bucket list items for couples to your joined list. These destinations seem to have a little something for everyone so that you can make the most of it with your partner.

1. Paris, France

Ranked as the top place to visit in Europe, Paris, France, has a lot going for it. It’s been called the “romance capital of the world” because it causes couples to fall in love all over again. You and your partner can enjoy the city’s rich history while browsing museums and even just walking down the cobblestone streets. It’s perfect for an extended date with the person you love most.

2. Santorini, Greece

The romantic destination of Santorini, Greece, looks great at any time of day. You’ll enjoy the bright, beautiful colors of the fantasy town during the day, while the sunset will leave you absolutely breathless. It has something for just about anyone, whether you enjoy sampling wine or hiking with a beautiful view. If you appreciate aesthetics and blue water, put Santorini on your bucket list as a couple.

3. Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada, is an excellent option if you’re looking for a slower pace when you get away. Adventurous couples will love taking to the nearby mountains to ski. At the same time, those who prefer something more laid-back will enjoy walking around the pedestrian village and frequenting the shops and restaurants. It’s the perfect destination for a change of pace.

Aim to Complete Your Couple’s Bucket List

The point of a bucket list is to slowly check off the items, not let it sit forever. You and your partner treasure one another the most in the world, but you deserve to experience fun, new and exciting things together. Whether you prefer to keep your bucket list ideas for couples within the home or want to travel abroad to round out your list, preparing a bucket list with all of your ideas, big and small, can give you date ideas for the future and keep your romance going strong for years to come.

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