• 11/30/2022

8 Travel Tips for Italy Vacations

waterway in Venice Italy

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Your upcoming trip to Italy will be great, but it could be even more enjoyable if you prepare yourself with travel tips. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know before vacationing around Italy. You’ll avoid common mistakes and find lesser-known travel methods without looking like a tourist.

1. Plan to Use Public Transportation

European countries often have widely available methods of public transportation. Italy is no different. You won’t have to rent a car to see the country because you can choose to travel on high-speed trains, busses, boats, ferries and the metro instead. It’s one of the more rewarding travel tips for Italy vacationers because you’ll save money and stress less about the different driving systems.

2. Visit the Smaller Towns

Everyone wants to see Rome and Venice, but you can get around busy tourist spots by visiting smaller towns and their hidden gems. Consider stopping by places like:

  • Grizzana Morandi
  • Malcesine
  • Anterselva de Mezzo

They’ll have quieter places for more relaxing getaways. You can even invest in a great tent once you arrive and camp overnight in each location. The nearest train will transport you and all of your supplies to your next destination.

3. Pack for Day Trips

There’s so much to see in Italy, so plan to stop by a few towns. You’ll get to know the different cultures better and have an authentic Italian experience. All you need is a comfortable backpack designed for day trips to avoid muscle aches.

4. Carry Cash Every Day

Many restaurants and shops are cash-only, even in the current digital age. Change to the currency used in your destination as soon as you arrive and carry it everywhere. You should also expand your travel budget to include bathroom cash since many charge people per visit.

5. Practice Your Italian

Downloading a language app is one of the most underrated travel tips for Italy. You’ll get around the country more confidently and avoid potential scams by understanding a basic grasp of the language. Try apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone to brush up on Italian for free before your plane takes off.

6. Research the Weather

It’s crucial to research the weather for your Italian destination. The various regions will have different climates throughout the year. Southern cities have warmer weather and northern towns have colder weather, but thunderstorms could also be more or less likely depending on where you go.

7. Learn About Common Scams

Scammers are everywhere because they don’t expect tourists to know what they’re doing. Learning about common scams in Italy will save you from becoming their next target. Scammers may try to sell you fake tickets for tours outside of popular destinations. They often give small objects like a friendship bracelet or flower while an accomplice pickpockets you.

Small restaurants may also add extra food to your bill if they know you don’t speak Italian. It’s always best to keep your language abilities to yourself, only buy things from verified sources and avoid talking to strangers.

8. Bring Power Adapters

Americans often expect other countries to have the same power adapters that they have at home. Italy may have the standard type C adapter, but you could book a room with type F or L. Buying a universal adapter before leaving home will ensure you can charge your electronics. You can also get adapters in larger Italian cities after landing.

Prepare for Your Vacation to Italy

Now that you’ve read travel tips for Italy vacations, consider preparing for your upcoming adventure with these ideas. You’ll avoid scams, save money and arrive prepared for anything because you spent a few minutes planning different aspects of your trip.

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