• 08/15/2022

The Best Ideas for Groom Survival Kits

The Best Ideas for Groom Survival Kits

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Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. Tiny hiccups could pose a potential problem, especially if they happen to your groom while you’re in separate rooms before your ceremony. Before your big day arrives, check out the best ideas for groom survival kits so everyone has everything they need to make it down the aisle.

1. Emergency Sewing Kit

Popped buttons and torn seams aren’t something you want to deal with on your wedding day. Still, they can happen while your groom is getting ready for the ceremony. A small sewing kit with a needle and thread will fix any last-minute repairs if the unexpected happens.

2. Mini Stain Remover

Stains can happen when grooms apply a light layer of foundation or spill whiskey on their shirt sleeves during their reception. A mini stain remover will fit in his pocket and keep his clothes looking perfect for every portrait picture.

3. Tin of Breath Fresheners

Nerves might make your groom panic about his breath smelling bad before your big ceremony kiss. Even if he brushes his teeth three times before saying your vows, a tin of breath mints can help restore his confidence. Buy a pack for his groom survival kit or make them in his favorite flavor to make his breath mints extra special.

4. Small Lint Roller

Your photographer will make your wedding more memorable by capturing your favorite planned elements like your dress, theme and decor. They’ll edit the pictures to adjust the lighting and focus, but details like lint will remain in your treasured photos. Give your groom a lint brush to clean up between shots if he spots anything on his suit or tux.

5. Extra Deodorant Stick

It’s always wise to keep an extra stick of deodorant around on your wedding day. Your groom might get so excited that he starts to sweat or he could get a little smelly if he waits for you on the beach in a full tuxedo. A small stick of deodorant could save the day or help out one of his groomsmen.

6. Potentially Necessary Medication

Backup medication is always good to keep around on your wedding day. If your wedding is outdoors in the spring, preventative allergy medication will make your groom more comfortable if he has seasonal allergies. He might need some pain relief if he’s the type of person who gets headaches when they’re nervous.

Think about the medication your groom might need and stick it in his survival kit so he doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable during the happiest day of your life.

7. Pack of Tissues

Joyous tears are something you can expect during your wedding week. Your groom can keep a small pack of tissues in his pocket in case he gets teared up during reception speeches or your first dance together. They’re also handy if he needs to wipe away tears while saying goodbye after your wedding brunch or while reminiscing about your ceremony on your honeymoon.

8. Collapsible Fine-Toothed Comb

An unexpected gust of wind during your wedding portrait sessions could mess up your groom’s hair. He might also need a comb while he gets ready. Whether he needs it or gives it to his groomsmen, a fine-toothed comb is an excellent addition to groom survival kits.

9. Extra Pair of Socks

Deodorant can take care of most body odor, but socks will collect sweat all day long. You also don’t want to risk your groom having mismatched socks in your wedding photos. Stick an extra pair in his survival kit or match them with groomsmen socks to create a fun theme. They can show them off in pictures or turn them into a secret inside joke that they can laugh about long after your wedding ends.

10. Single-Pack Snacks

Some venues provide snacks in their preparation rooms. Caters might provide similar food as well. Check with both of your vendors to see if snacks are part of their included services. If not, your groom will appreciate small snack packs in their emergency kit. A pack of peanuts, a small bag of chips or even a protein bar will save the day if he starts feeling hungry while he gets ready.

Learn More About Groom Survival Kits

There are so many ways to make groom survival kits. Think about what your fiance might need on your big day. He might sweat when he’s nervous, get easily hangry or experience a headache as his nerves begin to build. Your survival kit will become a reminder of your love for him whenever he reaches for the helpful supplies before or after your ceremony.

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