• 10/23/2020

Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence This Fall

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You can read a million articles on cultivating confidence. However, the fact remains that until you implement concrete solutions to enhance your self-esteem, you’ll continue to panic every time it’s your turn to give the group budget presentation at work.

What are some simple ways to boost your confidence this fall? The following nine activities should start you on the path to improved self-assurance in your daily life.

1. Start an Exercise Plan

Remember back when comedian Billy Crystal advised, “It’s not how you feel, it’s how you look, and you look mah-velous?” Exercise can improve your level of health and outward appearance — while giving your confidence a boost.

What if you don’t have the time? Embrace technology! Many apps, such as DailyBurn and Seven — 7 Minute Workout, let you squeeze in a few biceps curls or burpees on your work breaks. You can also find lengthier workouts, including ample free ones on YouTube.

2. Get Your Teeth Whitened

When you smile, do people notice tobacco stains even though you kicked the habit? If your pearlies aren’t so white, it can impact your confidence level.While many folks feel disappointed by over-the-counter kits, professional treatments use a specialty hydrogen peroxide gel and light wavelength to intensify speedy effects. Instead of waiting weeks to see results, you can see an instantly brighter smile.

3. Learn a New Skill

Getting trapped in a locked room doesn’t bother you if you’re “MacGuyver.” You have the confidence that with a paperclip, a hair tie and some elbow grease, you can create a key to free yourself.

Learning new skills boosts your self-esteem because it gives you a worthwhile talent to share with the world. It doesn’t matter if you want to perfect your Spanish-speaking ability or master the ukulele. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to drive to a community college to don your thinking cap and educate yourself.

4. Read More

If you are introverted, you might think that you lack confidence when, in reality, you only need more downtime from public interactions. However, skills, including making small talk, take time and exposure to master. If you always shy away, people could misinterpret your behavior as snobbishness and stop inviting you to events. You end up feeling more awkward and alone.

The solution of reading more might seem counterintuitive. However, when others misinterpret your need for alone time as aloofness, you need to counter that misconception. Fictional heroes often portray introverts as emotionally and intellectually aflame, a self-perception that gives you a confidence boost.

5. Go Shopping

If you ever changed from pajamas to jeans to run to the corner store for milk, you know that clothes affect how you feel.  You feel more confident in well-fitting garments that flatter your figure.

Do a little retail therapy, but use the scientific method to save money if you live on a shoestring. Once you find basic staples like camisole tops that flatter, write down the manufacturer and size. Build your wardrobe around these staples by adding playful scarves and other accessories.

6. Start Eating More Healthfully

It’s challenging to walk into a room like you own it when you feel under the weather. The foods you eat significantly impact your well-being — and, by association, confidence-level.It only takes an hour or so of your time weekly to chop and store fresh vegetables and prep healthy freezer meals for grab-and-go lunches. You’ll more than save that time on weeknight dinners, plus your waistline will thank you for skipping the drive-thru.

7. Get a Haircut

Are you still rocking the quarantine hippie look? You can get a haircut if you and the stylist take precautions.

One way to minimize risk is to skip unnecessary treatments such as a blow-dry. If you don’t usually spend 30 minutes on a blowout, why do so at the salon? Call ahead to check safety procedures like mask policies and additional cleaning measures to put your mind at ease.

8. Overcome a Phobia

What do you most fear? While you don’t want to overcome feeling afraid of stepping into moving traffic, there’s no reason to panic over giving a Zoom presentation.

Try to overcome a mild phobia to boost your confidence. Are you terrified of public speaking? Challenge yourself to prepare and ask one question to the room at your next work meeting. Do enclosed spaces make you claustrophobic? Give your aching quads a break and try taking the elevator to the 18th floor.

9. Expand Your Social Circle

The more friends you have, the more chances you have for practicing your social skills if you are an introvert. If you are more extroverted, you might rely on connections with others to give you a sense of meaning in life.

You can meet new friends through your workplace by accepting happy hour invitations and attending company functions. You can also volunteer for causes you support or get involved in community sports leagues through your local parks and recreation department.

Boost Your Confidence This Fall With These 9 Tips

Improved self-assurance draws people to you and can open doors on the career and personal fronts. Boost your confidence this fall with the nine tips above.

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